Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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But, hell, so too did even a casual perusal of recent world history.  Or reading  Orwell.  Or reading Churchill.  Or reading Jefferson. Or Santayana.  Or ...

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When Democrats are in charge                                               

Das Bernie

On Sunday night... someone finally thought to ask Bernie Sanders about his home state's experience adopting a single-payer healthcare system.

Vermont had planned to use Obamacare and the millions in federal grants that accompanied it as a jumping-off point for establishing its own universal state-run health insurance system. The plan had to be abandoned, however, when lawmakers and the state's Democratic governor were finally informed it would require a doubling of the state's budget.

When Andrea Mitchell asked the question, Sanders gave just the sort of weak answer you'd expect.

"Let me just say that you might want to ask the governor of the state of Vermont why he could not do it," Sanders said. "I'm not the governor. I'm the senator from the state of Vermont."

Of course, this is a rather damning commentary on the policy. Vermont's governor, unlike its senator, has to worry about budgets balancing and taxpayer rebellions and the like. [Full]

And there's this .... a list of Bernie Sanders' $19.6 trillion in tax hikes

Missouri Football Protest

BLACK RACISTS                            

Missouri football players refuse to play
until Entire cast of CREED wins Oscar!