Wednesday, March 16, 2016

'W'ere In Charge Here

   Cat MEOWS,
Stuns Nobody

I see two scenarios:

  1. Trump wins the nomination; survives assassination attempts; is elected, and like George McGovern did with the DNC in1972, he reshapes the GOP. But unlike McGovern, this improves the national landscape.
  2. The GOP brokers him out of the nomination and instantly becomes a despised and lifeless parody of itself.  Prolly some shooting going on.
I prefer the former, but will rejoice to see this GOP in flames. 

IRS fraud ... etc.

... illegal workers can cash out as much 
as $29,000 and they feel they've earned it.

cuzzin ricky



The Look of Love



Last week new FIOS equipment, installed using various FIOS "SMART FIX" APPs, had us so fkd-up that even after several hours-long, on-line sessions with various India Indians, things were even worse.  Nahoptipauli agreed to send a technician (with the admonition, "you will be charged if the fault is yours"). 

Next day, the guy was here for 4 hours.  And, while he fixed most things, when it came to allowing the FIOS MOBILE app to record shows, or watch recordings, he threw hands-up and said, "give it some time to catch up with all the changes." STG. Five days later, and guess what .... Nada.   However, I am here to actually tout the Mobile APP. 

FIOS claims they have like 100 million 
on-demand movies, and this app lets me scroll (endlessly) through all of them.  I can watch it now, or bookmark it. Even better, the titles show the Rotten Tomatoes rating, something I put great store in. Plus! I can do fun things, like change the channels on my wife's TV from Home & Garden to "Virgin Whores from Babylon," while sitting in the dentist's chair.

There, I've said something positive about FIOS. We were not charged.
WASH POST: Fall of establishment...
So, we're left with a serial criminal fighting indictment or America's most successful businessman. DUH.