Tuesday, May 03, 2016

The German

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Boy With apple; Girl with snapple

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Peasant. It's art!

But nary a word about it's nsfw replacement R/O


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Good lord!  You'd  think we were some third world country!

                     Oh, right



One popular book provides a glimpse into the Left's preferred method of indoctrination.

This author surveyed the index of "The Americans," and found that in the 1,045 pages of text, there were only two references to Christianity, no references to Protestants, and five references to Roman Catholicism. There were zero references to God, zero references to Jesus Christ, and only one reference to evangelicals. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are described as “minor activists,” not as traitors who sold out their country for $10,000. Their being traitors is no
longer supposition or in any way debatable, but has been revealed conclusively by Harvey Klehr et al. in their monumental study The Secret World of American Communism based on documents made available after the collapse of the USSR. Prof. Klehr is a professor at Emory University and the book was published by Yale University Press, hardly right-wing organizations.

The same textbook has no index reference to John Calvin and the powerful Reformation currents that were alive and well in the 17th and into the 18thcenturies. And in the textbook’s sections on the "Pilgrims and the Puritans," the focus goes from Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson (essentially depicted as the first feminist victim of an uptight male patriarchy) to King Philip’s War between the Puritans and Wampanoag Indians in 1675. Although it’s not said outright, the book means to suggest that there was a certain bloodthirsty aspect to the Puritan culture. They were encroaching and exploitative, so the Indians had to fight back. The textbook fails to mention anything about the fifty-year peace treaty between the Wampanoags and the Puritans, which held up beautifully until Chief Massasoit and the Puritan leader John Winthrop died.

It fails to mention Thomas Hooker who founded Connecticut and, with his co-founders, wrote the first state constitution – "The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut" – that was a model for representative government in the colonies. The book does not mention that Anne Hutchinson, though she was a woman, was permitted to lead Bible discussions at her home in Massachusetts. Only when she began teaching antinomian doctrine (i.e., that it was not necessary for a Christian to follow moral law) was she reprimanded, and banished when she failed to submit to the teachings of the colonial leaders. Moreover, the book fails to highlight the incredible faith of the Puritans as they actually succeeded, despite some flaws, on building that “city on the hill” out of the wilderness, and the debt of gratitude we owe to the righteous and faithful Puritans, people who walked the walk of faith wearing the whole armor of God. [FULL]

 I began reading Legal Insurrection's HOW TEXTBOOKS PUSH CHILDREN TO THE LEFT, and that triggered a visceral mind tug to Howard Zinn, the Prince of American LWMFCS (in my opinion). Okay, I feel better.

PLUS - Obama was re-elected and Hillary is Dem's choice to follow

Quote of the Day

Obama says Trump 'not equipped' to be president
(I am not making this up)


  Rancid Culture                       



Jerry Vlasak: I think that violence and non-violence are not moral principles - they're tactics.

Penn: WHAT?!

Jerry Vlasak: Violence and non-violence are not moral principles - they're tactics.

Penn: Sweet evil Jesus! What did he say?

Jerry Vlasak:
Violence and non-violence are not moral principles - they're tactics.

"Ethical," my achin' ass!
[On PETA's usage of Holocaust footage for its campaigns].
Dennis Prager: We have a generation here in America, of young people, who don't know what evil is [cf. generations past]. They've never suffered. They don't know Nazism. They don't know Communism. They don't know torture, concentration camps, or death squads. And so they're so naive, that they think the worst evil is done to animals and the environment.

Penn: The PETA you don't know would outlaw fishing, circuses, dog shows, horseback riding and zoos. They even oppose using service animals like eye-dogs for the blind. Fucking blind bastards torturing those dogs! In PETA, there's no room for Kentucky Fried Chicken, or the Kentucky Derby. See you, Shamu! And forget about smearing honey all over your fuck buddy, because even bees are persecuted by the man. And pets are forbidden in PETA's world too. That's right! No pets. Hey all you pet lovers who donate to PETA, feel like a sucker yet?

Ted Nugent: Hey, Ingrid! BLOW ME!
Penn: We're not gonna tease or abuse the bull. He doesn't have a cute name like Elsie, or Moo-Moo, or Heiferlips. His name is Dave. Nothing funny about that. We wouldn't do anything to this animal that we wouldn't do to ourselves.
[Penn applies a branding iron to Teller's right buttock.].
Teller: [off-camera] Mother-FUCKER!
Penn: Hey! Cool, Dave, he can talk!

Penn: Ethical means moral or proper which differs for every person, it's something to discuss. It's not an absolute. It just sounds nice, it's like 'pro-choice' and 'pro-life', I mean- c'mon! Everyone is pro-choice and pro-life. It's for or against abortion that your group is about. And who wouldn't wanna treat animals ethically, anyway. Nobody gets off slapping their monkey or choking their chicken or roughing up their clam.

Penn: What shows like this!? Is HBO running a show called “Horse Shit” or “Crocka Shit”? What other shit shows are there out there? We rule shit!

Penn: In just a month after animals were released, they would be back in animal prison for trespassing, failure to pay their taxes, assaulting people- and each other, and for fucking and shitting all over the shitty, fuckin' place!

How evil are PeTA? Very.

What really got me was seeing PeTA terrorists convicted of multiple felonies for arson being allowed to address kids in school.

One final experiment.  If anybody watches this video, and at its conclusion can say they did not want to strangle Ingrid Newkirk every time she spoke, please tell me.  Because, I don't think it's possible, but what do I know?