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PragerU - Why We're losing liberty

Another gem from PragerU.  It's just 5 minutes long ... It's right here.  Watch 30 seconds ... . 

Reagan was once Donald Trump

Ronald Reagan Was Once Donald Trump

FR's latest column should be printed and laminated and kept in your wallet. Whenever you see more ineptitude and corruption and nincompoops drunk with power, pull it out and read it. (2005/10/02)
[...] What put off Reagan’s fellow Republicans will sound very familiar. He proposed an economic program — 30 percent tax cuts, increased military spending, a balanced budget — whose math was voodoo and then some. He prided himself on not being “a part of the Washington Establishment” and mocked Capitol Hill’s “buddy system” and its collusion with “the forces that have brought us our problems—the Congress, the bureaucracy, the lobbyists, big business, and big labor.” He kept a light campaign schedule, regarded debates as optional, wouldn’t sit still to read briefing books, and often either improvised his speeches or worked off index cards that contained anecdotes and statistics gleaned from Reader’s Digest and the right-wing journal Human Events — sources hardly more elevated or reliable than the television talk shows and tabloids that feed Trump’s erroneous and incendiary pronouncements.

Frank Rich, of all people, seems to "get it." His article makes enough valid comparisons between Ronald Maximus and Donald Trump to make mefor a minutethink that the erstwhile New York Times theater critic ("Butcher of Broadway"), before becoming a political essayist (mostly famous for "outing" David Brock, "  from personal knowledge some suspect, and earning a reputation outside of New York as a left wing prance-about, and darling of likes of Daily KOS, which is all I really need to have said in the first place.
But no.  However, he does stumble upon this pivotal  truth:

But Reagan’s and Trump’s opposing styles belie their similarities of substance. Both have marketed the same brand of outrage to the same angry segments of the electorate, faced the same jeering press, attracted some of the same battlefront allies (Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Phyllis Schlafly), offended the same elites (including two generations of Bushes), outmaneuvered similar political adversaries, and espoused the same conservative populism built broadly on the pillars of jingoistic nationalism, nostalgia, contempt for Washington ... (before adding "and racial resentment.")