Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Like Buttah


The last time I churned butter was on the farm I was maybe 6 yrswhen Granny West let me turn the paddles on the churner.  For maybe one turn, and then I was tried.  So making butter out of cream is no big secret, but I recently saw it done on a cooking show, and filed it away, along with 50 other things I'll likely never get around to. But yesterday when I picked up a pound of Land O Lakes butter priced at $5.39, I balked.  Went back to the milk section and picked up a quart of heavy whipping cream for about the same price.

A little earlier today I plopped the whole carton of cream into my Cuisinart, and in about 18-20 minutes I had a big ball of butter.  Squeezed the remaining water out with cheese cloth and poured the butter milk back into the carton. About a half qt.  BTW, this butter does not taste like store bought.  It's very sweet and clean tasting. And the butter milk tastes great! I didn't add salt, but you can (so you can leave it unrefrigerated which we do anyway).

Hint.  If you have slaves or children, pour some heavy cream into a jar and let them shake it until the buttermilk separates. Make it a game.   When they get used to that pioneering fun, teach them how to shoot squirrels in the back yard. You're welcome.

Early Electoral Map

According to *Newsweek* at the time, "John Anderson’s impact on the race was largely overshadowed by the broad-based Reagan landslide. It was in one sense tempting to view him as a spoiler; Anderson’s vote was actually greater than Reagan’s margin of victory in thirteen states, among them New York, Wisconsin, North-Carolina and Connecticut. But had Anderson not run, Carter would have picked up barely half (49 per cent) of his vote; 37 per cent of Anderson voters said they would have backed Reagan." (http://www.salon.com/2011/04/04/third_party_myth_easterbrook/)

Since I see a parallel between Trump-Clinton? & 1980's Reagan Carter contestboth being  the worst president in history at the timeCarter is now 3rdI've included the polling history above.  In that race Reagan (32%) trailed Jummy (39%) in early June/July.  By early August Reagan was up  45% - 29%.  That lead that dropped to 47% - 44% on election day.  But, Reagan won 51% - 41%,  winning all but four states (including Maryland), and DC.  The term "silent majority' was born, and has driven Democrats nuts ever since (leading to  the Left's war against the "Christian coalition."  Anyway, bookmark this so you can give me the raspberries after the election, or marvel at my political prescience.

deaf people

Say what you want about deaf people...