Sunday, June 26, 2016

Globalist Islamic Law


A prominent German architect has said to better integrate migrants, demolish churches and build very “visible” mosques in their place.

Interviewed in Die Tageszeitung, Joaquim Reinig said he believes Hamburg needs to build more mosques. He said mosques “actively integrate” migrants who the authorities can’t reach.
The newspaper asked the architect if he really thought mosques would help migrants integrate rather than just “perpetuate their ancestral way of life”. He replied that in order to properly integrate people in a foreign country, migrants must “have no fear”. This should be done, Mr. Reinig thinks, by building very “visible” mosques.
This comes after a report this month revealed that half of Turks in Germany regard Islamic law supreme over German laws and that young people are the most devout.

“The visible minaret in modern architecture is a message to the migrants: Do not fear having to lose your identity in this society,” he said.


“The desire to become a German citizen and the activation of their faith ran parallel,” he told the co-operative owned, left-wing newspaper.  This comes after a report this month revealed that half of Turks in Germany regard Islamic law supreme over German laws and that young people are the most devout.


“There are 42 Muslim communities in Hamburg,” Mr. Reinig told the paper, “and they lead a normal life  — they are far from terrorists.”

Earlier this month, four Syrians were arrested for plotting France-style suicide bomb attacks and mass shootings in Germany. The country’s justice ministry revealed they are currently investigating more than 180 terror suspects in Germany with links to Islamic State.

 [The Full Sharia]

And this ... World’s Largest Islamic Mega-Mosque Complex to be Unveiled in Lanham, Maryland U.S. by Obama and Erdoğan.

I think a congressional resolution to impeach any federal judge who even brings Islamic (Sharia) law into consideration is over-due.  Would make a nice campaign issue, and I'd love to hear Democrats trying to spin it.

The Arab and the Jew

The Arab immediately steals three pastries and puts them in his pocket.

He says to the Jew, “See how good I am? The owner didn’t see a thing.” The Jew says to the Arab,

“That’s typical of you Arabs. I am going to show you an honest way to get the same result.”

He goes to the owner of the bakery and says, “Give me a pastry and I will show you a magic trick.”

Intrigued, the owner accepts and gives him a pastry. The Jew swallows it and asks for another one. The owner gives him another one. Then the Jew swallows that one and asks for a third pastry and eats that, too.

The owner is starting to wonder where the magic trick is and asks, “So what did you do with the pastries?”

The Jew replies, “Look in the Arab’s back pocket…..”

Tommy "the Baker" Smith

"Someone left this on the 3-D copier"

CBS 1966-1967 Fall Preview


CBS 1966-1967 Fall Preview

The only thing I remember watching with any regularity in 1966 was  the  kitschy (KaPOW!) Batman and Robin parody, and  anything with Joey a-go-go Heatherton. Other than that, I was a man of action, and driving a Volkswagen camper. 

Media: Show us your tax returns!

Full Frontal Ann

With the media frantically hiding the content of Donald Trump's terrorism speech from last week, he should respond to every question with the central point of that speech: How does this kind of immigration make our country better? How does it make the country safer?

Media: Show us your tax returns!

Trump: Show me how our immigration policies are good for the people who already live here.

Media: Tell us why you fired Corey Lewandowski!

Trump: Tell me how our immigration policies are making the country safer for the people who already live here.

Media: How are you going to match Hillary's corporate fundraising?

Trump: How are our immigration policies helping the people who already live here?

Sooner or later people will say, "That's a good question -- why is this necessary?"

When the Third World immigrants admitted under Sen. Teddy Kennedy's 1965 Immigration Act -- as well as their children -- commit mass murder, the government and media tell us it's a gun problem. Or it's "our" culture. Or it's "homophobia." Or we have to keep admitting millions of Muslims because otherwise the ones already here will REALLY hate us.

Isn't that extortion? We've already admitted millions of Muslim immigrants, but if we don't take in millions more, the ones we've admitted will go on killing sprees?

How did we get in the position where we're screwed if we're not in the good graces of the Muslim community? Maybe we should stop doing that.

As any competent health professional will tell you, prevention is always better than a cure. No one says, Go ahead and have sex with that syphilitic whore -- we've got a cure! You don't need to worry about a leaky roof -- we've got mops!

They know that's not a good argument, which is why the media refuse to tell you what Trump actually said in his terrorism speech. [Full Frontal Ann]


The Fundamentals of Caring

cinema à la carte  

The Fundamentals of Caring
This week I received two Netflix e-mails.  One announced that the monthly (streaming) fee will increase to $9.95/mo.  The second was a promo for their newest in-house film, The Fundamentals of Caring. Which I immediately judged  a soppy relationship flick.  However, last night we were having trouble finding anything that kept our interest (or did not assault MoSup's Victorian sensibilities with non-stop "Fkus"), we opted to give this a try since it was billboarded, and voila.

If we only watched one Netflix offering a month, we'd feel ahead of the game in June.  This is just a wonderful road trip film about a "caregiver" and his ward, a lad with raging hormones and muscular dystrophy.  Try it.