Saturday, July 02, 2016

And written in indelible ink?

CA Raises Minimum Wage – First Burger Joint Run Entirely By Robots Set To Open

In related news ...

Rep. Conchita Ohare (54th) immediately responded from her home in Playa Encanto, saying that "burger robots" are unconstitutional.

"Yes, I know all about the "unalienable rights," but only a very small percentage of the state's workers are alien, and secondly, California is progressive enough to grant anyone citizenship." 

When asked what "unalienable rights" had to do with robot workers, she replied "That's  where the constitution guaranteed the unalienable right of a wage that made people happy!"

(Playa Encanto Times Herald)

Min wage jumps fron $10 to $15.

Deal Maker

Hillary Shocker!

chris bowes a 300 game

Dem's Zikaty Doo Dah


Dead Babies

Obama: Zika mosquitoes already in U.S.

President Obama ratcheted up his call on Friday for more funding to prepare for the Zika virus, and warned that mosquitoes carrying Zika already exist in the continental United States.

"As all you of know, there has been an enormous spread of Zika through Latin America, the Caribbean and Puerto Rico. We have not yet seen cases that were transmitted on the continental United States, but we do know that the mosquitos carrying the Zika virus exist on the continental United States," Obama told reporters in the Oval Office Friday.

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Senate Democrats Block Bill to Combat Zika Virus Because It Doesn’t Fund Planned Parenthood

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Rebel Yell

Rebel Yell

I seem to remember historian Shelby Foote discussing how discombobulating the "Rebel Yell" was to Union troops.  "Of course nobody today knows what it sounded like, but I think it was something like this [gave his version]."  Well here's the real thing by the real Rebs.

You're welcome

'sno joke

Black Thugs

   Black Lice Matter Blather

Teenage Trump supporter receives death threats


Thought you might be interested in this local CBS affiliate news story highlighting the perils of being a young, black Trump supporter. You featured him a couple of weeks ago in C&S.


Two weeks following a heated debate with a protestor at a Donald Trump rally in Atlanta, life has drastically changed for 16-year-old Quay Manuel.

“I was just thinking I’m going to out-smart him with kindness,” Manuel said.

Manuel became an overnight sensation on social media, but not everyone was a fan. He’s received numerous death threats for his support of Trump.

“I would say about 7 or 8,” Manuel said.

The teenage Trump supporter has been brutally harassed online.

“One comment I remember said that we should go clip this n*****, and clip means we’re going to take you out, basically, and it’s absolutely insane,” Manuel said.

He’s also been told he was letting every ancestor he had down, he’s been called racial slurs and even bullied at work.

“I’ve been referred to as a coon and as an Uncle Tom. Yeah I’ve been referred to as a lot of things, it’s pretty sad,” Manuel said.

When asked if the threats make him want to back out of politics, he didn’t hesitate to respond.

“I don’t because it actually makes me want to move this campaign forward because that means I’m touching so many people,” Manuel said.

While members of the Black Lives Matter movement may not agree with Manuel’s political views, they did say they don’t condone the threats. [via

How did this level of racialism happen in just eight years? Not a question, really. We all know.

We're Doomed

The Pasty Face Maggot Pie                                     


Only word that seems apt.  Srsly.

Congressman David Cicilline on Guns

Cicilline listed the components of a weapon that made it an “assault weapon”

Friday morning’s Fox and Friends saw Tucker Carlson interviewing Congressman David Cicilline (D-RI), a fierce advocate for stricter gun laws. The two began their discussion about the recent Democratic Party sit-in, and eventually shifted to the Democrat’s recent proposal for an assault weapons ban. Cicilline listed the components of a weapon that made it an “assault weapon” but had no idea of the function of what he wants to ban.

According to Cicilline, a barrel shroud is one of the elements that make a rifle an assault weapon, but when pressed he kept evading the question about what a barrel shroud does (a barrel shroud is a safety feature which slips over that the barrel of a gun to prevent the person handling the weapon from burning their hand on a hot barrel). [Full]

Will nobody rid us of these meddlesome a-holes?

"Do you really think Hillary's gonna be indicted?


Essentially what this is -- and the Lynch-Clinton meeting is the latest ingredient -- we're being set up for massive disappointment, depression, and dispiritedness.  They're making it look like, and they have all along, very possible Hillary Clinton could be indicted.  They are toying with us.  They're dangling this carrot in front us.  "This could be the time. This could be it when we finally get the Clintons once and for all."

They drag it out, and they do things like this meeting that apparently compromises the whole thing and jeopardizes the whole thing, release information on all the emails they're finding and Hillary's IT takes the Fifth 125 times.  Ask yourself, how many times do people ask you, "Do you really think Hillary's gonna be indicted?" And they say it with anticipation and excitement. How many times do people ask you that?  They ask me that all the time.

My answer, by the way, from the get-go has always been, "She's not gonna be indicted.  There's no way it's gonna happen.  You don't understand the Democrat Party and their use of power if you think their presidential nominee is gonna be indicted by an Obama DOJ.  Ain't gonna happen."

But they got a lot of people thinking it will, and when she skates, they want you depressed, they want you down in the dumps, they want you giving up, they want you thinking there's no way you can win.  They want you thinking they can get away with everything.  That's the Clinton MO, and we are right smack-dab in the middle of another such play.  Don't doubt me. [Rush The Talker]


Chris Matthews Makes the case for ISIS

Chris Matthews

While discussing the terrible Islamist attacks during the “holy” month of Ramadan, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews actually meekly opined that we have to “live with” [Jihadist] attacks, and that it’s what you have to expect with a free society.

Matthews is a part of the “if it saves one life” crowd about gun control. [Here]