Wednesday, November 23, 2016





It's BACK!

As you may know, Amazon stepped in to rescue the lads after Jeremy, rather boorishly, punched a cheeky BBC producer, and was fired. I had pretty much stopped watching it anyway, because it had become a self parody.  The early shows, however, had so captured my soul that I watched the whole series (Netflix) something like eight times. And would still if the BBC hadn't yanked the first dozen, or so, series off the air.  I looked to see if I could buy them,without luck.  But, I digress.

Amazon signed the boys up to do a Top Gear-ish series called "The Great Adventure."  From early clips I've seen ... not interested. But, as part of the package, Amazon offers the entire Top Gear shmeer.  Even some "Series 1, " that nobody on earth, evidently, had ever seen.  Here are some some of the steps that began to annoy the crap out of me, and a few winners.

  • Look for the lead-in shown above (aircraft hanger).  A sign of quality.
  • The very first time you hear the "Stig" intro begin "Some say he ....;" you have entered the beginning of crap zone.
  • Early episodes showed edited clips of celebrities driving the "reasonably priced car." When they somehow thought is would be fun to see the whole 2 minutes, or so, the shtick drifted into yawner. 
  • The celebrity interviews were pretty much jewels, every one. Watch them all.
  • After a fashion, the audience grew from an intimate gathering of gear heads and their often lovely girl friends (that Jeremy would hit on),  to something akin to a Super Bowl crowd. 
  • The producers did however round up the best lookers, and use them as front row scenery.
  • The "NEWS" segment was, IMO, the best feature, but eventually scrapped. Sigh.
  • The COOL WALL.  Pffft.

George Will you 'spalin yourself?

George Will

Will conservatives in the GOP stand up to Trump?

Donald Trump is notable among recent Republican presidential nominees in his talent for alienating conservatives. Those who disowned him during the campaign include three former chairmen of the Republican National Committee, House members Adam Kinzinger of Illinois and Justin Amash of Michigan, and commentators George Will, Charles Krauthammer and William Kristol.

It's safe to say that four years ago, none of them could have imagined refusing to vote for the 2016 GOP presidential nominee. Trump violated their sense of what the Republican Party represents, and they and many other people on the right couldn't accept him at the top of the ticket. [FULL]

"Trump violated their sense of what the Republican Party represents."

Which is what? I don't mean in theory; I mean in practice.  Since Reagan, (and even then, the GOP establishment tempered him with good old boy George Bush) the GOP, as a lot, have behaved like self serving Quislings who can't find a principle they're not willing sacrifice. What I call the GOP wing of the Democrat Party.  Will examples as much.

When President George W. Bush proposed to add prescription drug coverage to Medicare — the biggest new federal entitlement since the 1960s — the House Republican leadership did everything it could to push its members into line, and they got it passed.

Bye the By, I long ago scissored my GOP membership card; voting for them, for the most part, as the better of two evils.  I don't know what Will thinks the GOP represent, and I don't think he does ether. That Democrats are so fearful of Donald Trump that even now "Academics push Clinton to seek recount" means he is at least on the right track.