Saturday, December 17, 2016

id est quid est

Case closed!

That's not a Colt .45 you dufus!

a real foe pa

I got caught wanking while sniffing the underwear of my friend's mother.

It wouldn't have been so bad if she wasn't wearing them at the time.

He went fucking ballistic.

Sure as hell made the rest of her funeral really awkward for the both of us.


Miss Sloane is a hore

Muslum "No GO ZONES"

 if muslums were a race this would be racist

“The rules of engagement are if [police are] chasing a subject, no matter what this guy did, once they cross that threshold [into a Muslim area], they stop pursuit, and if they want to actually go in they have to call an entire armed convoy,” Horowitz said. “There used to be a police station in Rinkeby [another no-go neighborhood that Horowitz visited], and they had to get rid of it,” he noted.


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Five Things + 1


1. After watching 4 episodes of The Grand Tour (spawn of Top Gear), I must admit that they pulled it off.  Much better than I  expected.  I like it.  But, not as much as the early Top Gears. I am, however, not in with Richard Hammond's by now stale role of  obnoxious twat.

2.  For y'all who recommended Jay Leno's Garage —it's become my goto happy place.  I love it. Leno is truly a funny guy.  And smart.  I cannot possibly see him voting for Hillary. Thank You.

3.  The left's reaction to Trump's election is so over the top as to defy description.  I mean, so massive, so intense, and so bizarre, that I must conclude they are frantic over the prospect - make that certainty - of Trump's Justice Department's investigation into Obama years criminality, They have nothing to lose by going all in. 

4.  I never did, and still do not see Trump as a conservative,  I did see him early on as the only person on earth with the money, brains, and connections -- an outsider--to save this nation.  So, while I don't understand why, for example, he chose  Rex Tillerson as Sec/State—and then John Bolton (my choice) as State Department #2;  I don't care. 

(Aside:  Even though Bolton has been trained his whole life to be Sec/Stae, I think Trump sneaks him in to avoid a Senate blood bath.

5. On Wednesday, Politico's Julia Ioffe actually suggested that Mr. Trump is "f***ing his daughter," Ivanka.