Monday, January 30, 2017

Why is this girl crying?

What I See

Why is this girl crying?



Chucky Weeps

Oh crap ... BUT WAIT ....

A nice rembrance

A nice remembrance

Bill Clinton ... 1995


But don't confuse them ...

  1. Call someone you love, even though they call Trump a massager and a  xylophonist.
  2. Ask them if they think Bill Clinton is a hippophagist.
  3. Play this for them

Hollywood Asshats and their illegals

Hooray for Hollywood

Upstairs, Madonna has words for her adopted Somali illegal



Another "Star" for the Wetback

   HELTER SKELTER                          
Provoking Racial Unrest

He just can't keep his fkn mouf shut.  Congratulations you wetback poseur; along with being "Worst President in U.S. History," you've now oficially won "Worst X-President if U.S. History." The Carters and Clintons, both, are relieved.


Res Ipsa Loquitur 
You know what? We just  came through (on the winning side) an epic battle, against some of the filthiest MoFos that my adult world has experienced.  I'm fatigued. Need some happy.  Not quitting, just some R&R. 

Stories like the teacher who displayed the Confederate flag to middle schoolers in his history class was forced to retire amid concerns that he was displaying a symbol of hate  abound.  Yet, we have these people on the run. I suspect we'll root them out and (metaphorically) kill most of them in short order. 

Want to go back to cooking, looking, and booking stuff. Some things, like homeboy Damian Housman's (skoonj) LET'S STOP FIGHTING WARS LIKE A LIBERAL are compelling enough to break my reverie.

I need a nap.


Epic – Is Team Trump Baiting Liberal Media and Refugee Protesters By Using Obama’s Own Policy?…

Why would the text of President Trump’s Executive Order suspending travel visas be readily available on CNN (HERE), New York Times (HERE), Wall Street Journal (HERE),  but not on White House page (HERE)?
I don’t think it’s accidental.  The limiting Visa program was President Obama’s action, not President Trump.