Monday, February 06, 2017

Tea Party Time?

Mystery green flash of light appears in sky as
hundreds of baffled residents report strange incident

Dem's Bitch McConnel

                                    We Have Met The Enemy ...


Speaking for myself  a lot of like-minded people, the reason I jumped on the Trump bandwagon early was because his bid was a challenge to the GOP.  They are, I said, a largely useless, self-serving, mollycoddling tribe of lick spittles.  An arm of the Democrat Party, so corruptted by power that there was no way in hell they could, or even want to, fight it out with Soros led ("My name is Legion, for we are many.") one-worlders. So it is then no real surprise that Boner's (and replacement Paul Ryan's) upper house comrade in harm would so quickly show his colors.

Jumping the Shark

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Hamas Hamisses

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I miss Paul Harvey.

Too Late Chucky ..

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