Thursday, February 09, 2017

And the 'Party of Hate' are ....

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Parody of 84 Lumber's Super Bowl farce

Top Democrats All Agree with Trump's Immigration Plan and Building The Wall to Stop Illegals



He didn’t rape anyone or have an affair with his intern (Bill Clinton), he didn’t kill anyone, (Ted Kennedy), he didn’t smoke crack with some hooker in a seedy motel (Marion Barry), he didn’t text photos of his junk to underage girls (Anthony Weiner), he didn’t sell favors to our enemies (hiLIARy Clinton), he didn’t disrespect our military and throw his medals away (John Kerry), he didn’t have bribe money hidden in his freezer (William Jefferson), he didn’t make fun of Indian (dot head, not woo woo) convenience store clerks (Joe Biden), he didn’t belong to the KKK (Robert Byrd), he didn’t father a child with a 15 year old black woman (Strom Thurmond), he wasn’t caught texting sex message to teenage boys (Mark Foley), or run a gay house of prostitution with his boyfriend (Barney Frank), or try to pick up men in public restrooms (Larry Craig), and those are just from memory, I haven’t even Googled anything yet.

I was reading on another blog about married couples getting divorced because each spouse voted differently in the election. And, as would be expected, the person doing the divorcing is the one that voted for hiLIARy. This got me thinking. How divided are we? My god, I understand people who don’t know each other disliking the other side. Heck, I even understand having some contempt for distant family members who voted for the person you didn’t. But husband and wife?

A couple of 22 years getting divorced because the wife, a hiLIARy supporter, could no longer stand her husband because he voted for Trump. I can only assume that there must have been other factors involved and that this couple was in trouble to begin with.

... are we really going to kill each other over politicians? Seriously? Think about that for a moment. Brother against brother, husband versus wife, over people like Mitch McConnell or Elizabeth Warren. OMG…
This hype against Trump is nothing but whipped up insanity from the leaders on the left against Trump. They know that he is going to dismantle the last 30 years of their efforts in taking America down and they are out for blood. This is the first real conservative president since Reagan.

President Trump is a good choice of president, and is not a bad person. I mean, look what they say he has done that makes him the worst person in the world. He made a single statement a decade ago about how gold digging women throw themselves at celebrities. Yes, he said in in a vulgar manner, but seriously. He didn’t harm anyone, he made a joke. Remember when we used to be able to tell a joke?

But because Donald Trump said it, he should be destroyed? (A fine rant continued - via Ohio Ron)
Nicely done Fred ...