Friday, February 10, 2017

Liberal Logic ...

Hey There!

Accidental Racism



Are Mosques "Churches?"

Hey There! "Terrorist Cell" Often Works Too?
So does "valid target" in times of war


Hey There!

Soul Food


There's so much "news" about news anymore that everything is clogged like a toilet at a rest stop. So clogged with shit and toilet paper that it's spilled over, but you have to go #2 so bad that .... .  "Oh JFC!  I need a shower. Now!"  Like that. 

Here's what we do.  Have currently saved 42 episodes of Blue Bloods, and can access 13 seasons of  Hercule Poirot on Netflix (David Suchet as Poirot).  The Agatha Christie series, about a fastidious Belgian detective, working out of London, harks back to a time (1920-1930) when the murderers he unmasks are dispatched on the gibbet.  It's delightful.  It's fun. I feel good afterward.

Blue Bloods, set in NYC,  is about the Regan family.  Three generations of NYPD cops, two of whom were/are Police Commissioners, the rest
(one cop son was killed by crooked cops) are detectives, beat cops, or (the daughter) a D.A.   Like Poirot, it's a morality play; meaning there exists morality. Since November, we watch 2 episodes a night (WGN in Chicago streams them, and every Friday CBS airs a new one. The scripts are fabulous.  No foul language, and you don't miss it.  The family get together once a week for dinner.  They say grace.  They talk.  They remind us that most people are good, and them what ain't get their comeuppances.  Usually.