Friday, May 25, 2018



Anonymous said...

Doesn't much sound like he plans to address the "clash in the two ways of seeing the world" by respecting and exploring any POV not his own...
*this is my shocked face*

the ideals of freedom and democracy so they “can think and reason [very un-postmodern, that. *tsk*tsk*] and connect and set up institutions [the basis of all Human Freedom, Institutions, eh? *eyeroll*] based on rule of law [just discover that phrase, did you?] and a sense of principals and the dignity and worth of every individual" [*running cupcakes*]


Eskyman said...

I'd consider re-subscribing to Netflix if they had a new reality show: "Barry and Michael Go To Prison," with Episode 1 being "Barry and Mike Dropped the Soap in the Prison Shower."

Tell you right now, that would be the most popular show on TV, EVER!

It would also put "leading from behind" in a whole new (and far more accurate) light!

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