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Hopes he doesn’t meet some armed Christian as unhinged as he ....

The President is a Murderer .. Really

Trying to forget that there are 1,456,875 people on my liquidation list.

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First good thing Hatch has done in years

Then there is this ...

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DEEP STATE          


Mueller’s Intricate Cover Up of Deep State Spying on Trump

RUSH: Michael Cohen has begged a federal judge for mercy after his guilty plea. I should tell you, Paul Sperry, who writes for the New York Post and Real Clear Politics, took a look. He did a deep dive into Cohen’s plea that has been publicized by Mueller. We’ll link to it at I’d have to read the whole thing to you, basically get in the weeds, but his conclusion is that this plea deal actually exonerates Trump, but that that’s not the way Mueller is gonna end up reporting this.

Now, Rudy Giuliani is out joining the criticism of Mueller because it’s apparent from Jerome Corsi and Manafort that what Mueller is doing, which we discussed last week, is trying to force people to say what Mueller wants them to say. He’s trying to force people to lie in order to make the case that Mueller wants to make. And Giuliani is now calling Mueller out on this as well. So Cohen apparently has done this. Cohen has apparently told Mueller what he wants to hear about some things, particularly his Trump Tower meeting.

And again, folks, I can’t stress enough here, this is so crucial and so important to illustrate how actually literally bogus all of this is. The original Russian collusion story that the media and the deep state reported for now two years is that the Russians and Trump got together and conspired — they really want to use conspiracy instead of collusion, but they don’t dare. And they haven’t needed to. Collusion people are interpreting it to meet conspiracy anyway. See, conspiracy is a crime. Collusion isn’t. And that’s why they have to be very careful in not using the word “conspiracy” ’cause there isn’t any crime here.

They have literally created the impression in nearly half this country’s population that the Russians tampered with votes and that Trump was aware of it and agreed to let them do it in order to benefit from it, i.e., being elected president, Hillary losing. This is what they made the American people think the Mueller investigation is.

I can’t tell you the number of left-wing Democrats and American leftists, the Democrat voting base who literally to this day still think that’s what all this is and that Mueller has the smoking gun, the silver bullet or what have you. And Mueller doesn’t have anything of the sort because nothing of the sort happened. So now Mueller has got these witnesses and he’s asking them to say various things that may not have happened. Manafort, Jerome Corsi, they’re alleging that this is what Mueller is doing.

And, by the way, the reason I tend to believe it — I don’t know either Manafort or Corsi — but the reason I believe it is because the same people on Mueller’s team did this exact thing during the Ted Stevens trial, the senator from Alaska, and during the Enron trial. They did the exact same thing.

And, in fact, get this! James Comey has been subpoenaed to testify behind closed doors to a House committee. Comey sued! And he got some DOJ lawyers to represent him, trying to shut this down. Now, the DOJ has nothing to say to the Congress. The Congress can do open session or closed session, and there’s nothing, because of separation of powers, that anybody can say about it.

And yet Comey had his lawyers sue on the basis that he didn’t want closed session. He wanted open because he’s afraid, he says, that they’re gonna leak what he says to make him look bad. Imagine that! James Comey, who leaks like a sieve to make everybody else look bad, is afraid he’s gonna get the same treatment, so he wanted an open hearing. And he got some lawyers to go out and sue on that basis.

Now, a bombshell happened that has not hit the Drive-By Media, and it’s from John Solomon who, on Friday, reported that there were at least six different deep state operatives who attempted to infiltrate and set up the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. Now, we know of two or three. We know of Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese professor and his involvement with George Papadopoulos. And we know of Stefan Halper. And we know of the Australian ambassador, John Howard.


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It's natural, I suppose, to have a certain nostalgia for "The Good Old Days." Oui?   As things go, however, it's probably not the norm to look forward to  (in some fashion)  seeing our entire culture (the west coast) fall into the sea.  Hell, take Maryland as well.  Not that I'm asking God to get on with; but ... . Anyway, I was looking for something on the tubes and landed on this old "Tool Time."   I'd forgotten how good that show was.  Here is that episode, courtesy of Daily Motion".

Here's the link if all else fails.

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Homemade ATM

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cinema à la carte                                 

The Christmas Chronicles 

In our opinions (me and mo-sup), the best Christmas movies of all time are A Christmas Story (1983), and Miracle on 34th Street (1947) 
Let The Christmas Chronicles (Netflix) join them. 

Purple Prose

            Global Warming Poop


Climate Change Report Is Sabotage
from Inside the White House

RUSH: Look at CNN’s little headline there: “Trump dismissals of science, intelligence community, and Russia move –” Trump is not dismissing science! Trump is dismissing deep state efforts to sabotage his administration. We had a call up here a moment ago. The caller went away. The caller wanted to know if Trump was going to be having to fight every day, multiple times a day, for every little thing he wants to get done. The answer is yes.


Nov 26, 2018

RUSH: Look at CNN’s little headline there: “Trump dismissals of science, intelligence community, and Russia move –” Trump is not dismissing science! Trump is dismissing deep state efforts to sabotage his administration. We had a call up here a moment ago. The caller went away. The caller wanted to know if Trump was going to be having to fight every day, multiple times a day, for every little thing he wants to get done. The answer is yes., this climate report that the Trump administration put out, folks, it’s caca. I’m gonna give you an example. One of the parts of this report talks about the devastating flooding in Houston from the hurricane that went through there as an example of climate change. This climate change report, people have asked me, how can the Trump administration put out a report like this, which is diametrically opposed to Trump and what Trump believes? The answer is that there are all kinds of deeply embedded deep staters in Washington.

Whenever somebody’s president, everything in the executive branch is called the “name of the president’s” administration: the Trump administration, which implies that everything happening is related to the president because the president wants it to happen. Well, not so in this case. The deep state has people all over — in the intelligence community, got ’em in the FDA, they’ve got ’em in the EPA, they’ve got ’em at the FDA, they’ve got ’em at NASA, they’ve got ’em everywhere! Trump hasn’t been able to weed out everyone.

In fact, David Bossie and Corey Lewandowski have a new book out. This is their second book in two years. You know, they were ranking members of the Trump election campaign staff. And their book is devoted to the examples and the existence of people in the White House who are trying to undermine Trump, in the administration. Not at some bureaucracy, but actually in the White House. White House staff, West Wing staff.

I saw Lewandowski on TV today being interviewed. And this is an ongoing problem. And let me ask you if you remember something. Do you remember when the first impetus existed for Trump to declassify all of the FBI documents that would finally reveal what the actual beginning of the Trump-Russia investigation was, what actually triggered it? Remember, there were all kinds of different explanations. George Stephanopoulos telling the Australia ambassador that he had heard that the Russians had Hillary emails, and that turned out to be bogus. And the FBI has provided three or four different explanations of starting points.

But we don’t really know what the starting point was. Those documents would tell us. So everybody’s been saying to Trump, reveal ’em, declassify ’em and release these documents. And he hasn’t. And I have posited that one of the reasons why is that Trump may think that he profits from being seen by his supporters as a political victim. So maybe, in his mind, he profits or helps keep his support group tied to him by being seen as a victim of the deep state.

And I’m wondering if that’s not a factor in this book. Because it’s one thing for six months into an administration to have the story that there’s all kinds of saboteurs in there, saboteurs maybe held over from the previous administration. But the West Wing, the West Wing, the president’s office, that’s his people. How in the world can there be saboteurs in there? Trump hires everybody in there, or delegates the hiring of those people. So who are these saboteurs?

Now, for the same story, now we’ve got a book about the saboteurs in the administration? Why are they still there? Why haven’t they been identified and rooted out? The book — I haven’t read it. I’m gonna assume that the book knows who these people are. Maybe they don’t. But how do you write a book if you don’t know who they are? You’ve gotta know who they are if you know what the sabotage is.

So I’m thinking maybe there’s an ongoing political theory within the White House that Trump seen as a victim of unseen saboteurs helps him stay solidified with his voters. I don’t know this to be the case, but I’ll tell you, I — you tell me — I may be on thin ice with some of you here. But after two years don’t you think you might have made some headway in getting rid of some saboteurs? We’re talking West Wing. I’m not suggesting that they should have been able to get rid of every saboteur and every deepest lifer that’s at the FDA or OSHA. I mean, there’s so many damn agencies that you couldn’t get rid. And it’s increasingly tough to fire federal employees anyway.

But in the West Wing, in the actual administration, the fact that there’s still saboteurs running around in the White House on Trump’s staff? I don’t know. If that’s true, it’s time to get rid of ’em! Go and write books about the fact they exist and how they’re trying to undermine the president, but get rid of ’em at the same time. There’s no reason for this. There’s no reason the president just sit there and tolerate or deal with saboteurs or deep staters or people participating in a silent coup, which is exactly what is happening. There’s no question that a silent coup began and is ongoing. And this climate change report is a classic example.

So back to CNN. Now, you people say, “Rush, you sound” — what was the word, disheartened? I’m not disheartened. You know, I’ve told you, some days I can’t take it either, watching the media some days I need to follow my own advice and turn it off. I’m watching CNN this morning, moments ago, actually, Tom DeLay, who lives in Sugar Land, Texas, which is suburban Houston, was being interviewed about the devastating climate change report put out by the Trump administration. was released the day after Thanksgiving, last Friday, and the media is off there saying, “They tried to bury it, they tried to bury it by releasing it on a slow news day, but we were too smart for ’em, we’re not gonna let them bury it.” It was precisely released by the proponents on the day after Thanksgiving in collusion with the news media to make it a big deal because it is a slow news day, so it could be the focal point!

So people are supposed to sit here and believe the Trump administration is warning us of climate change while Trump personally doesn’t believe in it. And it’s meant to convey that Trump doesn’t even know what’s going on in his own administration, that Trump is so detached, that Trump is so distant, that Trump is so disinvolved, so stupid, that he doesn’t even know what his administration’s doing! That’s the message. That’s the purpose.

When in fact a bunch of deep staters put this thing together, and it’s a crock like every other climate change projection story has been. It’s back to warning us we’ve only got 10 more years, the final 10 years to fix it, and if we don’t, we’re toast by the end of the century, meaning another, what, 84 years, 82 years. That’s all we’ve got, folks. We’re toast. If we don’t fix it in 10 years, by the next 82 years, we’re done. And they cite the floods in Houston after the hurricane.

And Tom DeLay was trying to tell this brain-dead infobabe — are these people this dumb and stupid? Which is infuriating if they are. Or are they just this activist engaged? And half of them I think are this stupid, I think they’re just plain dumb. They’re not curious, and they just buy hook, line, and sinker everything in the leftist agenda. And it might have been the case here. I’m not gonna name the anchor. I don’t want to create hate mail, none of that. That’s not the point here. It doesn’t matter who on CNN it was. They’re interchangeable.

And this babe was asking DeLay, “Well, what about all of the floods, the climate change report says the flooding had never been seen before in Houston for any kind of a hurricane, and it’s an example of what we’re headed for.” And DeLay kept trying to tell her, “No, no, no, no, the hurricane didn’t cause the flooding. It was some bad levees, like in New Orleans, a lot of money had been appropriated to build up some levees and some flood walls and the money was not spent, they were not in a strong state, they gave way.”

She wasn’t even open to the possibility. She immediately thought DeLay was lying to her or was full of it or what have you, and was prepared to buy hook, line, and sinker this report. This report, like every other climate change report, promising doom and gloom is nothing more than a made-up, pseudoscientific document. There is no consensus in science, and yet they continue to rely on what a consensus of scientists say.

The truth is, global temperatures — Investor’s Business Daily has it today in an editorial — global temperatures the past two years are plummeting. There isn’t any warming. Now, the left will say, “Well, yeah, that’s ’cause of all the smoke from the fires that are brought about by global warming. And the volcanoes brought about by global warming.”

You know, there’s even a story that we’re causing climate change on the Moon? Because we’re aiming so many satellites and missions to the Moon that we’re causing climate change. It’s gotten out of hand, it’s so ridiculous. But the point is there are ongoing efforts within the so-called Trump administration to undermine and sabotage him and his staff multiple times a day. And this climate change report is just one example of it.

Damian Housman
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When he told me. Had been dating this guy awhile and (I thought) things were going really well. I'll never forget the day because he took me to see Aladdin. We get back to my place and everything's normal. We're conversing and suddenly he gets this weird look in his eyes. He says, 'I can't see you anymore. I'm afraid I might hurt you.'

I'm thinking hurt, like cheat on me, you know - psychologically. I kind of laughed and told him not to worry I was a grown up and whatever happened we could try and work it out.

His voice changed and he looked even worse and said, 'You don't understand. The other day when you wore that MAGA cap?  It knocked me out that you could support that Fk'n Trump M'Fkn
c-sucker! I've been having these dreams where I hurt you. I mean really hurt you.'  If I see you again I'll kill you and your M'fkn family and friends in order to rid the world of your genetics.

Then, he jumped off the couch and ran out the front door. Never saw him again. Never tried to call him cause it really shook me up. I guess I should be glad it stopped there. He just seemed so normal up to that point.

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This is honestly just incredibly sad.

This is a true inauthentic  deal. Real one.

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Beaver Cleavage??


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This the Season...


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Buster the Boxey

These 2 videos are hilarious. The first video is an ad for The John Lewis Department Stores in UK.  It’s funny...and it sets up the parody.   
So you must watch them in order....
Watch Video #1 First

Watch Video #2 after you watch #1

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G-dammit, no more beads!

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A stranger’s Christmas Card


A little girl gets schooled