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Baby Killers and Their Judges


Among other reasons, Daleiden contends the order is a “novel inroad” on First Amendment speech rights.

HEY!  I Think Judge Orrick's Hit Gold!

The U.S. Supreme Court is being asked to overturn a gag order issued by a Planned Parenthood-linked judge preventing David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress from releasing videoed conversations he had with abortionists at a National Abortion Federation event.

Among other reasons, Daleiden contends the order is a “novel inroad” on First Amendment speech rights.

The video in question is no secret, as defense attorneys released it to the public when it was used as the basis for criminal counts filed by abortion advocates in the California state attorney general’s office against Daleiden.

The defense counsel explained it needed to be in the public if it was evidence in a criminal case.

But the judge who issued the gag order, U.S. District William Orrick III, saw it differently and found both Daleiden and his lawyers in contempt for violating his evidence-suppressing ruling.

The video was created as part of Daleiden’s documentation of the American abortion industry’s trade of baby body parts. Numerous other videos, mostly exposing Planned Parenthood and its business trade partners, were released to the public beginning in 2015.


What's this  First Amendment  thing?

Guess what I'm doing ...

Who knew? Paying dividends already.

Click Click

My God!  They are replaying the Nixon Coup. 

Friday, August 04, 2017

Two for the road

cinema à la carte                                 

Rodge; a few days ago you said, of The Siege of Jadotville, "Maybe the best movie of all time" (the King of Hyperbole).  We just watched it, and have to agree.  It's impossible to find anything more thrilling and nail-biting!

Oh my.  I'm afraid No Escape has already taken the crown of "minute-by-minute most thrilling  movie of all time."   Sorry. What's that?  Roger Elbert only gave it one star?  He's an asshole. Mo Sup is still hiding under the couch and sniveling like a baby. 

And while I'm at it.  The Concubine is on a par with 1991's Raise The Red Lantern if the inner  workings of Chinese wives and concubines are of interest. Most especially, however, is a very intimate look at the court eunich structure.  Whoa! (No erections)

The road to serfdom

Published on Aug 2, 2017

YouTube's new censorship policies are right out of Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, and are designed to shut down the growing independent media outlets and critics like myself.

YouTube is demonetizing my videos because they're too "controversial" or about "sensitive topics."

I am preparing myself to go "Google free".  It's quite a chore since my Email is Google;  I have a real dependence on Google's  search engine services; Blogger is owned and operated by Google, My Win10 is  run (by my preference) by Google,  and  on and on.  

Amazon, too, (which is no longer cheap) is another threat.  I have taken to comparing JET and  WalMart  against  Amazon prices, and  both always win. WalMart  allowed  Amazon to  outperform  delivery service, but is  making strides. Plus, I see in Jeff Bezos a real national security threat. 

That Facebook clown is too much of a clown to be a longterm threat.  If I used FB with any regularity ... well, that's the point.  I have an account, but can't stand the "social engineering."

I am at war.

Oh.  There's this too.
Google’s new program to track shoppers sparks a federal privacy complaint

Fight evil; Your conscience can be clear

Thou shalt not kill was a historical mistranslation of Do not murder(Hebrewלֹא תִּרְצָח ‎ lo tirṣaḥ) one of the Ten CommandmentsExodus 20:13 and Deuteronomy 5:17.

Hums Tune from "Hang'em High"

Res Ipsa Loquitur        

Steve King CALLS For Investigations of Obama, Clinton, Comey, Soros, Lynch and Weiner Scandal.

Because I want to begin the day on  happy note

You're welcome

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Mayor BoBo

Political consultant Greg Bowens said there are candidates with past hardships in every election cycle. It’s not something unique to Detroit or the political arena in general, he said.

RON in OHIO via 

With a record like this ....

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Ivy League Knob Lickers

Rancid Culture
Princeton to students: Be any gender or genders you want Princeton University is giving its students the option of picking a gender or, reportedly, several genders.
The Ivy League’s student services interface, known as TigerHub, allows -- but does not require -- students to select one or more of the following: “Cisgender," "Genderqueer/gender non-conform[ing]," "Trans/transgender," "Man," "Woman," and "Other”.
“Students use TigerHub to provide the University with personal information on a confidential basis,” a university spokesman told Fox News. “This information includes emergency contacts, their preferred name, and, if they wish to provide it in response to an optional question, the gender with which they identify.” [FULL]

Princeton Tigers/Striped Pussies


Been having back problems.  Chiro  guy has helped, but MoSup said she had a friend who would often say, "time to visit Dr. Floor." 


She meant, when her back was acting up she'd lie down on the floor and stretch her arms. 

I tried it, and it actually works.

You're welcome.

Doo Dah, Doo Dah

The UN ...

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The Siege of Jadotville
"Don't worry, The UN have your backs"
 A gripping true story of incredible bravery against impossible odds, The Siege of Jadotville thrillingly depicts the 1961 siege of a 150-strong ...

If you haven't yet watched 'Jadotville," gird your loins and  watch it today on Netflix.  "Maybe the best movie of all time" (the King of Hyperbole). 

In a perfect world

“America’s Sheriff” Joe Arpaio was found guilty Monday of misdemeanor criminal contempt without the benefit of a jury of his peers. The guilty ruling, by Bill Clinton-appointed U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton, is the latest chapter of a nearly decade-long saga of legal proceedings against Sheriff Joe initiated by leftist groups opposed to his aggressive policing of illegal aliens. The 85-year-old Arpaio now faces up to six months in jail.
The charges against Arpaio stem from a civil rights suit demanding he cease “racial profiling” in his Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office’s immigration enforcement operations. After a federal judge issued an order demanding certain practices, Arpaio was charged with contempt for continuing to try to enforce the law as he saw fit.
Because Arpaio was charged only with a misdemeanor punishable by a maximum of six-months in jail, the U.S. Constitution does not guarantee him a right to trial by a jury of his peers. Arpaio and his attorneys repeatedly petitioned for a jury, only to be denied by Judge Bolton in March and again in May. Sources familiar with the proceedings have told Breitbart News the decision to charge only the misdemeanor was likely a ploy by federal prosecutors to avoid a jury trial in the community where Arpaio served as sheriff for more than 20 years

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Gee Dad, it's a Wurlitzer

Res Ipsa Loquitur

"Out in the states, we're seeing an incredible over-performance at the state legislative level!"

 Can Trump Solve a Big Democrat Problem?

They’ve already won four  state legislative seats previously under Republican control, some of them in battleground districts that split evenly between President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

I'm dying here boss.

Mommy needs a joint ....


"Mommy needs a joint just as much as mommy needs a glass of wine,'' Bawdon told Maria Shriver on TODAY Tuesday. "You can still be a good parent and use marijuana at the same time."

Kaycee Bawdon is out to show that smoking marijuana while taking care of children is perfectly acceptable.

When the mother of four from central California gets together for a playdate with other moms, they often enjoy some herbal refreshment while kids frolic in the yard nearby.

Whether it's smoking from a bong or lighting a joint, these moms make marijuana a regular part of their lives.

"Mommy needs a joint just as much as mommy needs a glass of wine,'' Bawdon told Maria Shriver on TODAY Tuesday. "You can still be a good parent and use marijuana at the same time."

Middle-aged parents are now more likely to use pot than their teenage children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Bawdon, 30, and her friends believe marijuana helps treat pain and depression and also helps them relax and boosts their productivity. Recreational pot use is legal in California.

"I can smoke it and go clean my whole house and do all my laundry and just get everything done,'' Elizabeth Orduno told Shriver.

"I feel like I am actually more focused and attentive while I am medicated, it kind of gives me that spruce of energy that I don't have,'' another mom, Saydee Perkins, added.

Bawdon, who started a blog called "The Cannavist Mom," suffers from migraines and says prescription pills left her feeling foggy and disconnected.

Bowdon says she and her friends smoke marijuana in moderation and use designated drivers. They also warn their children never to touch "mommy's medicine" and make sure to keep their pot, pipes and other paraphernalia out of reach.

The CDC says marijuana use may cause an increased risk of low birth rate for babies while also increasing their risk of developmental problems.

Using marijuana hasn't come without a backlash for Bowdon. A mother of one of her daughter's friends banned her child from going to Bowdon's home after discovering her blog.

"She saw that I was a cannabis mom and then all of a sudden, 'Savannah's mom's a pothead and I don't want you hanging out with her anymore,''' Bowdon said.

Her ultimate goal is to normalize moms using pot and remove the stigma that comes along with it.

"I feel like people think that marijuana makes you lazy, that you're just gonna sit on the couch and kinda let life pass you by and let your kids pass you by,'' she said. "And it doesn't. I'm out there, playing with my kids, and we're just that normal family."

MoSup came down after watching this Today Show segment  about Marijuana Moms."  I am speechless.  She was not.

Take My Wife, Please?

cinema à la carte                              


Ray is a fledgling entrepreneur who specializes in high-end simulated abductions.
He jumps at the chance when a mysterious client contracts him ...

Great premise; Good execution.  MoSup did not like all the F-Bombs
I give it ****