Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Economic Ruin?

Yes, I took my Prozac

I listened to Rollye James ("Direct from the edge of the lunatic fringe') last night.  Her guests were  Alan Watt  & Andre Eggelletion (you can listen to both segments now, or download and save before they're replaced by tonight's show).

Watt is an expert in Fabian Society politics, so his views are necessarily conspiratorialist (I am not using the word pejoratively) in nature.  It is an invigorating discussion.

Eggelton's deal is the Fed and the world economy.  I find him far too accommodating of the left, and prone to gobbledygookery, so what I preserved is primarily driven by Rollye. whose breadth of knowledge astounds me. The Egglletion segment, 9 minutes of which I distilled here, left me with a clarity about the  hopelessness of our situation.  Bad, because hopeless means sleepless.  Good, because there is (or can be) advantage in being forewarned. The only (long-shot) hope we have of saving any semblance of this great nation, it seems to me, involves
  • reasserting the Monroe Doctrine, which will almost certainly lead to a war with China ) before they're ready for it).
  • removing every regulatory, or other impediment to financial growth.  LAISSEZ FAIRE - in caps.
  • removing every illegal alien like it was a sporting event.
  • limiting centralized gummint's role to, basically, military defense.  To state militias (the Guard) falls the job of dealing with riots.
  • using tariffs as the principal source of Federal revenue
  • and while we're at it - smashing any and every surveillance device we come across.
In other words, pretend it's 1800 again. I don't see a chance of that happening.  Food and housing riots are prolly less than two years away.  Plan accordingly.  I'm going to reread When TSHTF.  Tell the people you love that you love them, now.

UPDATE - I really don't agree with this guy about much of anything, now that I relisten.  But, my solutions are still viable.  Kill Commies, Downsize gummint, and Drill for Oil.  Shit.  All that work recapped in 7 words.