Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mrs. Hughes, New To Me

Mrs. Hughes

 Cuzzin' Ricky  (C/R) sent me the raw video of this "Mrs. Hughes Live at the Ice House." video.  Never even heard of her, have you?  I watched it and thought before I submit it to YouTube I'll check, because she's too good not to have been discovered.  Yup.  Whole bunches of her videos out there.  Because I'm not around a water cooler every day, I don't know squat.  Anyway, and I don't say this pejoratively, but her comedy reminds me of the early.Roseanne Barr, only not quite as cynical.  Made me laugh out loud more than once. I need laughs.

A Geezer. A Girl.

Casting Call?

 I think I may have posted Ray Romano's The Shower once before, but it's what this picture made me think of.

The former live longer

There are hunter-killers,
and there are pigeons

Unhinged, Indeed

A rose for Cynthia

 Earlier in the week we linked to this Las Vegas Review story about Oath keepers [Depending on your perspective, the Oath Keepers are either strident defenders of liberty or dangerous peddlers of paranoia.

Sigh.  Every member publication of the Democrat Media Complex has at least one staffer whose job it is to look at everything through the racial prism.  That this makes them a racist by definition is an irony that escapes them.  The Atlanta Constitution fills their ("left-wing" would be a redundancy) race-baiter slot with Cynthia Tucker.  Here she is today.

They’ve been watching Red Dawn again

The paranoia and racism of the unhinged fringe ought to be taken seriously, and it seems the Secret Service is doing exactly that. According to a report in the Boston Globe, President Obama has drawn an unprecedented number of threats against his life, overwhelming the ability of the Secret Service to check out all the lunatics to see how serious they are.  <snip> ... there are moments when the paranoia of the wingnuts is almost comical. A new group called Oath Keepers has pledged to keep the feds from violating the Second Amendment by confiscating weapons.

Formed in March, they are ex-military and police who repledge themselves to defend the Constitution, even if it means disobeying orders. If the U.S. government ordered law enforcement agencies to violate Second Amendment rights by disarming the people, Oath Keepers will not obey.

“The whole point of Oath Keepers is to stop a dictatorship from ever happening here,” says founding father Stewart Rhodes, an ex-Army paratrooper and Yale-trained lawyer. “My focus is on the guys with the guns, because they can’t do it without them.

And then Cynthia slips on the slope
Hey, people believe what they want. That’s what makes this a great country. But, really, folk, the government has nuclear weapons and F-16s. If by some convoluted Manchurian takeover [say, by a Marxist Zero with no experience and no history?], the feds wanted a dictatorship, would your hunting rifles stop them?
I have watched Red Dawn recently. Powers Booth
Fighter pilot, and Wolverine Colonel Andy Tanner
  played the role of fighter pilot, and Wolverine, Col. Andy Taylor.  Pilots swear an oath to protect the constitution too, Cynthia.  

Bird in a bun

Safe haven
and then you can eat it

Micket RATTT

Bet on it: ACORN will be back -
and other stops on the road to perdition
 ACORN is too important to Democrats and Obama in particular to allow it to wither away.
Who's the leader of the club
That's after you and me
Hey! there, Hi! there, Ho! there
We're as screwed as we can be
 We need to as a nation begin thinking of the Democrat Party as sort of a Mickey Mouse Club for rabid rats. The Mickey Rat club. That way it'll be easier to kill them,  figuratively, and as an institution of course. Here's two more reasons added to an already too-long list of crime and corruption. First, from the Detroit News:

Bet on it: ACORN will be back

ACORN may be down, but don't count it out.

The elaborate propaganda apparatus erected to support the Obama agenda is already at work spinning the downfall of the community organization into a vicious right-wing plot to destroy the presidency of Barack Obama, who sprouted from ACORN.

The group was cut off from some of its taxpayer dollars after conservative bloggers duped ACORN staffers into offering advice on setting up a child prostitution ring. ACORN had no defense -- it was caught on tape and posted on the Web.

But ACORN is too important to Democrats and Obama in particular to allow it to wither away. Much of the taxpayer money that funds ACORN's activism ends up benefiting Democratic interests. (continued)

 But wait, there's more ...
The Vote Democrats Don't Want
Whatever you do, don't mention Countrywide.
clippage ...

If you think moderate Democrats are afraid of voting for ObamaCare, you should see how they react to a potential vote on the Countrywide Financial loan scandal.

The House oversight committee was scheduled to meet on Thursday afternoon to mark up several minor pieces of legislation. Days before the meeting, California Republican Darrell Issa notified committee Chairman Edolphus Towns that Mr. Issa would call for a vote to subpoena Countrywide documents from Bank of America, which bought the failed subprime lender last year. Recall that, under the "Friends of Angelo" program, named for former Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo, Democratic Senators Chris Dodd and Kent Conrad received sweetheart deals on home mortgages. Mr. Issa wants to uncover the full story on Countrywide's effort to influence Washington policy makers.

Mr. Towns, a New York Democrat who also received mortgages from the unit that processed the VIP loans but claims he received no favors, has opposed such a subpoena. But can he count on his Democratic colleagues to vote it down? ... [Next reel]
Wall Street Journal
Wall Street Journal