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Rodge, I want to make a RC
model of a SU-27 Sukhoi. 
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Nation Buffeted

Obama's Enabler Revisited:
Warren Buffet

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The 2009 letter to shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., written by boss-man Warren Buffet (writes Miss Fritinancy), includes "part of what you might call Buffett's mission statement. It's not what he calls it; he titles the section 'What We Don't Do'."

We will never become dependent on the kindness of strangers. Too-big-to-fail is not a fallback position at Berkshire. Instead, we will always arrange our affairs so that any requirements for cash we may conceivably have will be dwarfed by our own liquidity. Moreover, that liquidity will be constantly refreshed by a gusher of earnings from our many and diverse businesses.
It's true that Oprah Winfrey's, oh, say $1 billion in-kind campaign donation, was the second biggest factor in Obama's election (after the media', oh, say $5 billion in-kind grant).  Warren Buffet, however, perhaps the nation's best known financial wizard who didn't work for the Nazi's as a youth, also went to bat for Zero.  His endorsement, and active promotion of Obama was a very big deal; much ballyhooed by the media.  Given that this mission statement for Berkshire is the antithesis of what Obama has so far delivered, what was it that Buffet saw in this man?  A candidate with no history, no accomplishment, but with miles of recorded statements describing  his socialist vision.  Did he see liquidity being constantly refreshed by a gusher of taxes imposed  from our many and diverse businesses?  Now I read that Buffet is disappointed in Obama. Oh, thanks for that.

Bonus Dickweedery, in a similar vein: 

Yesterday the WaPost reported that "President Obama's proposed budget would add more than $9.7 trillion to the national debt over the next decade. ” Without missing a beat, the Posties described the root cause of our coming penury.

Obama's tax-cutting agenda is by far the biggest contributor to those budget gaps, the CBO said. As part of his campaign pledge to protect families making less than $250,000 a year from new taxes, the president is proposing to prevent the alternative minimum tax from expanding to ensnare millions of additional taxpayers. He also wants to make permanent a series of tax cuts enacted during the Bush administration, which are scheduled to expire at the end of this year.

NCAA Brackets

Hoops Bracketology for the Aficionado

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BTW, if you haven't seen Bracketology 101 before, they've been one of the most accurate sites in picking the tourney participants and their seeds over the last few years. They make Lunardi look like a 4 year old making picks. And they also question other experts on their picks. - DT
Terps are currently a 5 seed.  AWK.  Number 12 seeds upset the 5 so often that it prolly shouldn't be an upset. All this presupposes that they win today's regular season closer. The Terps have a habit of losing to the worst team in the world after upsetting a ranked team, and that would be Virginia.

Billy's Grade

In Passing

In passing
I found animals that kill, and friends in need

NBC Debunks Laugh Track Lie about Gov. Palin
... after the Daily Kos accused NBC of adding a laugh track to “enhance enthusiasm” for Gov. Palin’s appearance on the Jay Leno Show
(Ed. - Any suggestion that NBC would do anything pro-Plain is absurd)

The America-Loathing of the Daily Kos
In the upside-down universe of the Daily Kos, Tom Brokaw is a conservative who rooted for Bush-Cheney ...

Michael Moore: Honorary Kos-wad of the day
in Haiti, where there are no building codes, no regulations -- a Republican’s paradise -- a quarter of a million people died.

.... amateurs study tactics, professionals study logistics.
Another sign that Israel expects to be attacked; air force ground crews are being trained to perform dangerous “hot refueling.”

O Club:    from this amateur video it really looks like the killer whale wanted to kill her

James Taranto bitch-slaps Nobel Lauernut
Krugman:"What Democrats believe," he says "is what textbook economics says":

If you can hear this, you're under 25 years of age
25¢ for eggs? I'll have two.

One Fails To Understand How David Brooks Breathes   (via Doug Ross)
Today, another social movement has arisen. The people we loosely call the Tea Partiers also want to destroy the establishment. They also want to take on The Man, return power to the people, upend the elites and lead a revolution.

David Brooks Bonus VIDEO
David Brooks compares the Tea Partiers to Wal-Mart hippies and calls Obama a thoughtful guy with a spending problem. (07:06)

Lèse majesté will not be tolerated

Sic Semper Poseurius

By Proclamation, The Real King of France
Rollover for Justice