Monday, March 08, 2010

cognitive dissonance

cognitive dissonance
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Barack Obama seems unable to face up to America's problems, writes Simon Heffer in New York.   But wait. It's not his fault.
"Obama's big problem," a senior Democrat told me, "is that four times as many people watch Fox News as watch CNN." The Fox network is a remarkable cultural phenomenon which almost shocks those of us from a country where a technical rule of impartiality is applied in the broadcast media. With little rest, it pours out rage 24 hours a day: its message is of the construction of the socialist state, the hijacking of America by "progressives" who now dominate institutions, the indoctrination of children, the undermining of religion and the expropriation of public money for these nefarious projects. The public loves it, and it is manifestly stirring up political activism against Mr Obama, and also against those in the Republican Party who are not deemed conservatives. However, it is arguable whether the now-reorganising Right is half as effective in its assault on the President as some of Mr Obama's own party are.



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The beer mug, made by deep-frying strips of bacon and then wrapping them around wired mesh, offers a suitable, if obscenely indulgent, solution for baconistas who don’t know if they’re hungry or thirsty. The only con: who really wants cold bacon?
Bacon is getting way too much love, which means that as we speak some Liberal scold is plotting a campaign to have it banned.  Well, not banned per se.  Taxed like tobacco.  Trust me, I know my Liberals. Enjoy the slide show though.

Monkey Love

National Geographic Moment Rollover
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Momentary love is still real

Kids play wing on local team

Today's Soccer Mom

MSNBC's "leftist games"

MSNBC Political Analyst
Craig Crawford Leaves,
Won’t Be “Cartoon Player For Lefty Games”

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    i simply could not any longer endure being a cartoon player for lefty games, just gotta move on to higher ground even if there’s no oxygen

    i have never and never will forgive Chris for calling me a racist after the West Virginia primary (the last time I will ever go on air with him). Probably should have resigned then and there, but better late than never.

Commie automaton

Yes we have traffic cam technorogy,
but this way more beneficiar

Finally, tired of these punks

The Golden State's Me Generation
In the midst of the Great Recession California students protest in favor of themselves.
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H/T Ka-Ching!

The demonstrations did offer a certain sort of instruction, though not of the kind Mr. Patterson and his fellow protesters had in mind. They demonstrated the entitlement mentality and self-absorption that has come to dominate much of higher education.

Where's the sugar?

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Felony Assault: Woman Charged With
Using Her Boobs To Spray Milk At Jailer


Mouse poop and Democrats

Today's Beauty

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With the weather warming (60º +), MoSup was excited to break out her gardening tools over the weekend.  What you see above is a bag of rat poison pellets that was stored in the garage.  She sticks the morsels down vole holes that riddle the yard.  The bag was unopened - by human hands.  There was however a hole chewed out.  Further inspection revealed that approximately 75% of the pellets were missing.  And lots of  mouse poop in the vicinity.  This is almost a metaphor for Obamacare, wot?

reductio ad McCarthyism

Scientists Gone Wild

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That Paul Erhlich, Stanford's Ward Churchill,  is still active (being paid) in academia says much about the practice of "tenure."   But, I digress.

I read the New York Times article first, last week, and thought it was too-too delicious.  Godwin's Law would be bullet-proof if it was instead reductio ad McCarthyism "  "McCarthyite"  is used as denouement by the hard left whenever one of theirs is caught red-handed.*snort*  "Nothing to see here, move on."   What did Sen. McCarthy  do to earn the left's enmity?  He charged that the State Department was riddled with Communists (not Hollywood, the State Dept.), which we know with certainty to be, if anything, a vast understatement of the truth.  Juxtaposed below, the ledes from the WaTimes and NYT.

Washington Times Lede
New York Times Lede

Climate scientists to fight back at skeptics

Undaunted by a rash of scandals over the science underpinning climate change, top climate researchers are plotting to respond with what one scientist involved said needs to be "an outlandishly aggressively partisan approach" to gut the credibility of skeptics.

In private e-mails obtained by The Washington Times, climate scientists at the National Academy of Sciences say they are tired of "being treated like political pawns" and need to fight back in kind. Their strategy includes forming a nonprofit group to organize researchers and use their donations to challenge critics by running a back-page ad in the New York Times.
E-Mails Show Scientists Planning Push-Back Against 'McCarthyite' Attacks on Climate Science

U.S. scientists are planning to counter criticisms directed at them during the "Climategate" scandal and congressional debates, saying conservatives and industry groups have waged a "McCarthyite" campaign, according to e-mails exchanged by the researchers.

The e-mails obtained by E&E show the scientists are considering launching advertising campaigns, widening their public presence, pushing the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) to take a more active role in explaining climate science and creating a nonprofit to serve as a voice for the scientific community.
As usual, Barn Army's chief climatologist Anthony Watts performed the necessary surgery.

Uranium Ore from Amazon

I think I found Ahmadinejad's Supplier

Uranium Ore from Amazon


In Passing

In passing
I found stuff

1) WILL: There you have the premise of this legislation and the core of today's liberalism:
the American people are such dopes they can't be counted upon to buy their own insurance.

2) Program Will Pay Homeowners to Sell at a Loss
Another core.

3) Internet access is 'a fundamental right'

4) Iowa  governor faces tough reelection as another state sours on incumbents
WaPost means to say "sours on Democrats," but can't quite pull that trigger. Opens with: Republican Terry Branstad's lines have a familiar ring as he campaigns ...

5) Massa Blames Democratic Leaders, Omits Part Where They Used Gun To Make Him First  Democrat in History to Resign  After Being Charged With Wrong Doing.
"Mine is now the deciding vote on the health care bill and this administration and this House leadership have said, quote-unquote, they will stop at nothing to pass this health care bill, and now they’ve gotten rid of me and it will pass. You connect the dots."  
Eric, read this book by Larry Craig.
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6) The ACLU and Human Rights Watch Rally to Holder’s Defense

“Many of us are shocked and concerned that right now, President Obama is considering reversing his attorney general’s decision to try the 9/11 defendants in criminal court.”

7) That Other Government Takeover: What else may go into 'reconciliation?'
Everyone knows Democrats are planning to use the budget reconciliation process to get ObamaCare through the Senate. Less well known is that Democrats are plotting add-ons to that bill to get other liberal priorities enacted—programs that could never attract 60 votes.

8) New in Atlanta
on the I-20 between Turner Field and the Georgia Dome

9) From the “oh dear” files
IRS suspends one of Boston’s ‘Most Highly Regarded’ tax lawyers for 48 months for failing to file tax returns