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Women in war


Will America Fall Without a Fight?

It’s one thing, Alex, for a state legislature and a Governor to sign a piece of paper saying that we stand on our tenth amendment and we are a sovereign state.

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      Adam Murdock, MD, founder of the Freemen Institute, begins his essay.

The recent passage of the so-called ‘health care reform’ bill signals the demise of the U.S. Constitution and the end of our healthcare freedom. Yet, we have heard nothing more than a whimper from the American people. Most don’t seem to care or if they do care, they do not care enough to do anything about it. Many have resigned to this fate, perceiving it as inevitable.

Along the way he provides two stunningly on-point quotes.

In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot. - Mark Twain, 1904

And this, from Judge Napolitano

It’s one thing, Alex, for a state legislature and a Governor to sign a piece of paper saying that we stand on our tenth amendment and we are a sovereign state. It would be quite another for a state legislator to enact legislation that did the following: Prohibit state employees from enforcing federal law, indict federal officials who come into the state with the intention of enforcing federal law that conflicts with state law, impose a real estate tax on federal property within the state -  now I know that that has been unlawful for the past two hundred years but suffice it to say we have a different supreme court now that might look at this differently - drag before county and state grand juries federal officers who insist on enforcing federal law that is unconstitutional within the states. The states really have to stand up for their sovereignty. They have to do more than say we are a sovereign state. There has to be teeth to their proclamation of sovereignty. - Judge Napolitano on the Alex Jones radio program (03/25/2010): 

Shoes are important

Often, the first impression people have of you is reflected by your footwear. Keep those shoes shining like a mirror, and people will look up at you.

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Teacher Union's Rubber Room

The Rubber Room
Battle over New York City’s worst teachers.

Didn't I read this story while Reagan was president?

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In a windowless room in a shabby office building at Seventh Avenue and Twenty-eighth Street, in Manhattan, a poster is taped to a wall, whose message could easily be the mission statement for a day-care center: “Children are fragile. Handle with care.” It’s a June morning, and there are fifteen people in the room, four of them fast asleep, their heads lying on a card table. Three are playing a board game. Most of the others stand around chatting. Two are arguing over one of the folding chairs. But there are no children here. The inhabitants are all New York City schoolteachers who have been sent to what is officially called a Temporary Reassignment Center but which everyone calls the Rubber Room.
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These fifteen teachers, along with about six hundred others, in six larger Rubber Rooms in the city’s five boroughs, have been accused of misconduct, such as hitting or molesting a student, or, in some cases, of incompetence, in a system that rarely calls anyone incompetent.

The teachers have been in the Rubber Room for an average of about three years, doing the same thing every day—which is pretty much nothing at all.

Read more: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2009/08/31/090831fa_fact_brill#ixzz0kL518f4x


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9 minus 6 = 3


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Regulars know that I go to sleep listening to XM radio, usually one of the comedy channels.  Last night some female comedian on 150 did this routine (don't read further if you're offended by vagina jokes).

Studies show that the average erect male penis is 6", and the average length of the vagina is 9".  By my calculations, that means there's a whole lot of unused pussy out there.

Snapped me out of an impending slumber.

Crunchy Dogs

Today's Best Buy
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These are the best hot dogs on the market today, IMO. KAYEM Old Tyme Natural Casing  I buy 'em at BJ's.  About $6.00 for a box of about 18.  If you've never haz natural casing dogs, you're missing something. / END DISPATCH

Reid, yoiu have been tea-bagged

Searchlight, NV
Still, while polls suggest that Mr. Reid may lose his bid for re-election, it could be in spite of the Tea Party, not because of it. -New York Times

The Democrat-Media complex are still downplaying the effect the Tea Party is having on the body politic, but as this series of  pictures, taken at a recent Anti-Reid, Anti Obamunist Tea Party gathering at Searchlight, NV. attests, the crowds are large, and the mood is angry.  Today's polling news that  Tea Party members are average Americans, 41% are Democrats, independents is also at odds with the media representation of us as right wing nuts (which, by their definition, I am happy to be  amongst). 

(thanks Rick B for the pictures)

Automatic Drink Mixer

People at the liquor store are always asking:
"Say Rodge, sometimes I really want a cocktail, but just don't have the time.  What do you suggest?

Be safe

In Passing

In Passing
I noticed that we have government by gangster

1.) National debt seen heading for crisis level
With ferocious speed, the financial crisis, recession and efforts to combat the recession have swung the U.S. debt from worrisome to ruinous, promising to handcuff the administration. Lost amid last month's passage of the new health care law, the Congressional Budget Office issued a report showing that within this decade, President Obama's own budget sends the U.S. government to a potential tipping point where the debt reaches 90 percent of gross domestic product.

2.) Oil Reaches 18-month High, Obama Energy Policies Ensure Oil Prices Will Continue Rising
Obama's energy policy in general, and oil in particular, is beginning to make Americans feel nostalgic for the "good old days" when Jimmy Carter was doing his best to destroy the domestic energy industry Santelli: $4 Gas, $150 Oil Coming This Summer...

Obama to further restrict when nuke weapons may be used. ... Even if we're hit with chemical/bio weapons? MORE

4.) Democrat Senate Majority Leader Reid mocks Palin during speech
SHE: campaigns against him in Nevada; HE: down 15 points against cactus.

5.) New poll shows 'sea change' in Californians' attitudes toward illegal immigration
The wise California voters who created a gummint that cannot pay its bills, and who gave the most radical leftists in the nation the keys to government leadership, now see a way to "solve"  their immigration crisis.  Surrender.

6.) Victor Davis Hanson: ZERO's  Postmodern Presidency
A Pretentious Word for a World Without Rules

7.) Race and Politics (Thomas Sowell)
... playing the race card has become an increasingly common response to growing public anger at the policies of the Obama administration and the way those policies have been imposed. When the triumphant Democrats made their widely televised walk up Capitol Hill after passing the health care bill, led by a smirking...

8.) White House to media--'Don't report what you discover'
In light of numbing revelations over the last several days concerning fraudulent statements on Barack Obama's resume, this piece of information curiously comes to light.  The White House has instructed the 'mainstream media' not to report what they may discover.

9.) Next Challenge to Gun Laws Headed to D.C. Circuit
... appealing to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit to reverse a March 26 decision by U.S. District Judge Ricardo Urbina. That ruling upheld new restrictions the D.C. Council passed in the wake of the 2008 decision. For example, all handguns must be submitted to D.C. police for a ballistics identification process.

10.) Myth-busting polls: Tea Party members are average Americans, 41% are Democrats, independents
The Tea Party adherents broke down 28% independent, 17% Democrat and only 57% Republican. Not coincidentally, this bipartisan breakdown has been the way that Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin has often described movement members as "commonsense Americans" worried and...