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The first time you hug your dad and feel breasts, it’s like, ‘This is weird.’  I guess that’s the quote of the day this Mother’s Day.

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A Sad Mother's Day



A tea partier's message to
GOP Chairman Michael Steele
Tea Party Reports would like to share an insightful oped directed to GOP Chairman Michael Steele from Lloyd Marcus, a tea party activist, entertainer and self-described "un-hypenated American." Kudos to you, Mr. Marcus!
RNC Chairman Michael Steele said the GOP has not given blacks a reason to vote Republican. As a black conservative Republican, I ask, what is the GOP supposed to do; serve soul food at Republican events? In other words, I reject the concept of dividing Americans into victimized groups and pandering to them. Besides, the Democrats are masters of insulting the intelligence of Americans by playing the old and tattered victim, race and class envy cards. The GOP does not need to go down the same shameful, disgusting road.

Brother Steele, how about the GOP showing a little respect for the American people by standing up for conservative values and principles? If you do this, the people will come. Right-minded Americans of all stripes will join our cause.   So how do you, Chairman Steele, think the GOP should attract more blacks? Do we adopt “liberal lite” policies? Do Republicans prove they are “down with the brothers” by embracing a lighter version of the lie promoted by the race exploiting democrats by saying racism is still somewhat of a problem for blacks in America today?
Boned Jello
You know Marcus is driven by conviction, because any Black man who dares leap the Plantation fence knows what to expect from Liberal overseers.

Did you know that?

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Today's Message

Down with Poll-land

Here's what I'm talking about
The Quinnipiac polls, conducted in three states across the past month, all find likely voters to have complex and contradictory views on these repeal lawsuits as well as health care reform itself. By a slight majority, likely voters tend to oppose the health care reform law. But they also tend to oppose the repeal lawsuits as a “bad idea” that would, for a sizeable portion of voters, make them “less likely” to support a given candidate. In short, voters simultaneously don’t want to health care reform but don’t want to challenge it either. [Politico]

Boned Jello

Screw these polls.  Screw the people who order them, and screw the people who use them to shape opinion.  There is no right way to do the wrong thing, and everything about the people running our government is wrong.  Let's see how the majority of "likely voters" respond at the only polls that matter - in November.  (Did you notice that Sen. Bennet  lost the GOP nomination to a fourth term in Utah yesterday? ) 


Feelin' like a disgruntled mailman here boss

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The FCC has given Hollywood permission to activate the "Selective Output Control" technologies in your set-top box. These are hidden flags that allow the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America)  to deactivate parts of your home theater depending on what you're watching. And it sucks. As Dan Gillmor notes, "Fans of old TV science fiction will remember the Outer Limits. Given Hollywood's victory today at the FCC -- they'll be able to reach over the lines and disable functions on your TV -- the intro to the show takes on modern relevance."

The FCC says that they're doing this because they believe that if they do so, the MPAA will start releasing first-run movies (the ones that are still in theaters) for TV. They say that Hollywood won't make these movies available unless they get Selectable Output Control because SOC will stop piracy.

This is ridiculous. 
 Continue reading Boing-Boing's  takedown of the MPAA's lickspittle FCC. Here's the MPAA's "no, really, it's just a shower, and the soap is free" statement.

“This action is an important victory for consumers who will now have far greater access to see recent high-definition movies in their homes,” Bob Pisano, president and interim chief executive officer of the MPAA, said today in a statement.

As an aside, having nothing to do with anything in particular, what the heck happened to the neutron bomb?  Remember?  The N-bomb that could clear the streets of vermin without damaging real property? It just popped into my head.
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