Sunday, May 16, 2010

Debra Lafave


I watched a replay of "Crossing the Line," Dateline's doc on Debra Lafave.  She was  the Florida female school teacher (one of many recently) who had sex with a male student, in this case a 14 year-old boy.  When the case broke in 2005, I (speaking for all men) ...
  1. was stunned that this very, very beautiful, 23 year-old married teacher would have sex with a 14 year-old boy.
  2. was extremely jealous  that a 14 year-old could realize most men's (not mine)  fantasy.
  3. was incredulous that teacherette-underage boy coming-of-age instruction was anyway comparable to man-underage girl rape!
  4. had no idea what women thought about her.  Straight women.
 After watching Matt Lauer's interview, I am now impressed with her as an up-front, sincere woman who had a reasonable defense, but is willing to accept the consequences without whining.    I wish she would run for Congress. Here's the first 8 minutes, or so.  All segments may be found here.

Anger Management

Syndrome Syndromes

Lou Dobbs

Look who's headlining Las Vegas
tea-party convention!

Suicide 4 Kids

Obamacare 4 Kids

Boned Jello

I expect to see this in the waiting rooms of the Doctors' offices once/if Obamacare comes into force.

Skyhawker, Doug

Drill Baby Drill

The Gulf Oil Spill in Perspective
Rep Joe Barton presiding

I want to put this in perspective, Mr. Chairman, before I have to yield back my time. This accident as far as we know is releasing 5,000 barrels a day into the Gulf of Mexico. It has been doing so for approximately three weeks so that’s a little bit over 100,000 barrels. The largest spill in the Gulf of Mexico to date was a spill off the coast of Mexico. It produced 90,000 barrels a day for nine months, 90,000 barrels per day for nine months. Exxon-Valdez was a tanker that ran aground in Alaska, that was a supertanker that was three to four hundred thousand barrels of oil. So far this spill has produced a little over a hundred thousand barrels. Now that in and of itself is a significant spill and it is a non-trivial incident, but it is nowhere near yet the order of magnitude of other accidents that have happened around the world.

There is a natural seepage in the oceans around the United States on an annual basis of four million barrels a year.

There is an annual seepage worldwide of over forty million barrels of oil per year.

So this, while it is an accident that is non-trivial, it is not of the catastrophic consequences that some in the mainstream media have made it out to be. [full C-Span video]

Thanks to anonymous for directing this to our attention.  Identify yourself and allow Samurai A/G TFV take you to dinner and a movie. 

NRA Celebs

NUGENT: My gun control
I will not drown; drink and drive; chain-saw massacre anyone; stumble; slice, burn or shoot myself, nor will I ever hold up a bank. So the best advice would be to think, improvise, adapt and overcome, man up, but by all means, leave me alone. You don't ban electric guitars just because someone may have a lapse in logic, goodwill and decency and spontaneously break out into country and Western music. The vast majority of sensible people will use electric guitars as God intended and whip out good, sexy rock 'n' roll licks.  [ continued]
Boned Jello

Voting Democrat ...


Introducing ...

The New

Boned Jello

I've never met a Jewess wearing a yarmulke that wasn't Liberal ass-hat crazy.  This whack-job is the American equivalent of  this guy, a true "Obama Goil."