Thursday, June 03, 2010

Whale Hat Party

This whole thing's too convenient

Reid Renews Push for Climate
Change Bill This Year!

Boned Jello
By Jessica Brady
Roll Call Staff
June 3, 2010, 3:59 p.m.

As the political fallout over the BP oil spill continues, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called on his committee chairmen Thursday to develop new recommendations for climate change legislation that he hopes to bring up “later this summer.”

Trusting this government? Huh?

Lieberman Bill Gives Feds ‘Emergency’
Powers to Secure Civilian Nets

Every day, it's something new. 

Boned Jello

Granting emergency powers to the executive branch, the War Powers Act comes to mind,  is a double edged sword.  In the hands of the wrong person - back-stabbery!  At first blush I saw in this current plan an updated CONELRAD system; remember?   I viewed CONELRAD as a good thing; a method to stop commie bombers from riding WJJD's radio signal to my house.  That was when the body-politic had faith  in elected leaders.  Thought they were copacetically in tune with  the Founder's vision.  Today, and I'm pretty confident that I can speak for the majority here,  I have little, to no faith, in this government's competence, or intentions. So this is worrisome.

“... the President may issue a declaration of an imminent cyber threat to covered critical infrastructure.” - granting someone like Janet Napolitano control of the Internet.

“The owner or operator of covered critical infrastructure shall comply with any emergency measure or action developed by the Director,” the bill adds.

These emergency measures are supposed to remain in place for no more than 30 days. But they can be extended indefinitely, a month at a time.

Remember when reactionaries kidnapped Gorbachev, and put Moscow under siege in an attempt to resurrect the Soviet government?  The Internet was credited with allowing Russian patriots to rally a defense, and win the day.  I have a feeling that Democrats, who today view Thomas Jefferson as a radical right-winger, view that as a warning,  Making things more problematic, and this is true of every piece of legislation the Obamacy's  passed, the execution trigger of the plan is left to the whim of ... whom?

In order for the President to declare such an emergency, there would have to be knowledge both of a massive network flaw — and information that someone was about to leverage that hole to do massive harm. For example, the recent “Aurora” hack to steal source code from Google, Adobe and other companies wouldn’t have qualified, one Senate staffer noted: “It’d have to be Aurora 2, plus the intel that country X is going to take us down using that vulnerability.”

A second staffer suggested that evidence of hackers looking to leverage something like the massive Conficker worm — which infected millions of machines and was seemingly poised in April 2009 to unleash something nefarious — might trigger the bill’s emergency provisions. “You could ---

What?  That was an instant message ping  ..... "Cut the blah-blah and show us some boobs." 


Obama Working Haed

Today's MetaFORE!

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Idea credit to ThoR

Father of the Year

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Tom Mann

Democrats Will Help Republicans

How Obama's Enemies May Give Him a Boost
*snort alert*

Even if the President repelled a Martian invasion, the right's reaction would likely be the same as it was after the Christmas Day bombing attempt, or the Times Square failed attack, or the current oil spill: denigration of Obama's competence, suspicion of his motives, and implicit or explicit hope for his failure. TIME RAGAZINE

Boned Jello
In the closest thing to a Martian invasion we've experienced since 1812,  El Presidente is riding with the Martians.  His chances then, of repelling it, would necessitate suicide at some point. ¿Estoy en lo cierto, o qué?

Second, Halperin's article is filled with hackneyed examples (Pauline Kael's), and misdirection.  His insinuation that the nation oohed and aahed   in admiration, after the Christmas bomber and oil spill fiascoes is ludicrous.

Here's a by-now hackneyed question.

 Do the Halperins in the media  not realize that, outside of the elite Liberal cloister, they sound like fools?  Or, do they knowingly  deal from the bottom of the deck out of desperation?   Here's a hint:
Lost Causes Media Manipulation