Wednesday, September 08, 2010

One More Theory

One More Theory


Every time it rains, it rains live-rounds from heaven

I call this "Stars Fell On Ali-Bama"

Stars Fell on Ali-Baba

Titanic's Masage Parlour

Boned Jello

Grace Potter

Keepin' Young Here Boss

Boned Jello

They say that kids will keep you young, and Hucker is doing his part.  He just got back from some concert  road trip (don't ask?), all enthusiastic about Grace Potter (and the Nocturnals).  "Dad, she has the most beautiful ..."  uh, the greatest, er ... stage presence I've ever seen.  Yeah that' it.  Stage presence.  Evidently she plays about 60 different instruments, and wears a nightgown on stage.   I'd never heard of her, so he Googled this picture up.  The kid id right.  She's really, really talented.  Oh my.

Coulter's ultimate referral

a referral to die for

September 8, 2010, 3:38 PM                                
The Most Magnificent Article I've Ever Read
Michael Eden: Tax Cuts INCREASE Revenues;
They Have ALWAYS Increased Revenues

The last major GE lightbulb factory
will shutter its doors this month.

The Good Old Days


Gramps remembers the good old days


Rats leaving the ship

I watched Chicago's WGN last night, and after
a hour of speculation, etc, about Ritchie Daley's
decision to not stand for reelection, not one person
entertained  this thought.  Daley can read the writing on
the wall, and wants nothing to do with running a
bankrupt city in the midst of a 1930's style
depression, only worse.

I'm just a gigilo ...

WTH is thatGigilo Sideburns running down in
front of his ear on Labor Day?!?

I don't know e-C, but it goes great with this.

Boned Jello

Planned Parenthood's Attack Plane?

Mommy, where do babies come from?

Tom Mann



Boned Jello

Matthews's Tingle

Groin-Grabbingly Choctastic Glavin!
MSNBC: The Fun Never Stops

It wasn't a tingle, up my leg, that's what right wing fascists say. I got a thrill up my leg. Okay? You're reading the right wing blogs. ..  [and] "I still get the same thrill up my leg, all over me." more:

On Correlations

Bobble Heads

Politics on Film, but This Time Leaning Right
According to Mr. Griggs, some prospective crew members on his new documentary, “I Want Your Money,” which takes aim at President Obama’s economic policies, said they would accept jobs on the condition that their names be left off the credits. Mr. Griggs suspects that a politically motivated makeup artist even tried to sabotage the movie by giving him a distinctly unflattering look.

I posted this trailer a few weeks ago, and now *gasp* The New York Times, which still refuses to review conservative's books, is talking if up.   "... its charm, if that word can apply to political documentary, comes from computer-generated animations in which bobbing-headed political figures, designed by Tom Richmond of Mad Magazine, try to school one another on the ins and outs of policyA good read.


 Jim Geraghty's O'Donnell Problem
 I read  Jim Geraghty's column [The Campaign Spot] on NRO, and have noticed his one man effort to boost Mike Castle's (R DE) campaign.  But Rodge, what's wrong with that?  At first blush, nothing. It's how he's doing it, and who he's attacking in the process. Not Democrat Chris Coons, but Tea Party challenger Christine O’Donnell.  Here's a few recent examples:
Boned Jello
But it's his most recent [Just What Is Mike Castle’s Voting Record?] that crystallized things for me Lucy.  Here's Geraghty's reasons for pushing Castle.
  The options for Delaware Republicans on September 14 are nominating Christine O’Donnell or Mike Castle to be their Senate nominee.

O’Donnell, if nominated, will have (cough) an uphill climb in a state where registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans roughly 329,000 to 179,000.

Castle has consistently been corrupt led all polls and his voting history suggests he will vote with conservatives 52 percent of the time or so. If Democrat Chris Coons is elected and votes in a pattern similar to Delaware’s other senator, he will vote the conservative position 12 percent of the time; if he emulates current Democratic senator Ted Kaufman, he will vote the conservative position 4 percent of the time.

Over his 17 complete years in the U.S. House of Representatives, Castle has voted the conservative position, as defined by the American Conservative Union, about 52 percent of the time. In 2009, ACU scored Castle at 56. So how did he get that rating from the group last year?
Oh goody. Votes with conservatives 52 percent of the time, or so.  We're in Lincoln Chafee-Olympia Snowe- Susan Collins territory here. While we desperately try to drive the Nazi's out of Paris, Geraghty's (and others like him) solution is to replace them with a Vichy gummint.  Geraghty has not the faintest clue about what's driving the anger in this country.  None.  Christine O’Donnell for Senate.

The Wall Street Journal in an editorial today [The Delaware Senate primary is a test of political pragmatism]  rides with Geraghty.  O’Donnell has lost twice before? BFD; then is not now. Besides, I'm quits with political pragmatism; this is war, baby!