Wednesday, October 06, 2010

More Red Whine

This month's Democrat
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Boned Jello

Attention gadgeteers

weird and wonderful gadgets
that never quite took off

Boned Jello
We've all heard the expression, "there's really nothing new under the sun," and these gadgets that never quite took off tend to support that.  However, I'll kiss your butt in Macy's window if you can tell me what that thing on the lower right was for.  Answer, and more gizmos HERE.  And, FYI, I absolutely would have purchased the 1920 map watch, and replaced the scrolls with Latin declention crib sheets.

Boned Jello
Boned Jello

Slice'm, dice'm, kick 'm inna balls

'crats - Let's try this ...

The decision by Democratic leaders to skip a vote on extending the Bush tax cuts has led to intense campaign attacks on vulnerable House and Senate Democrats.

Sens. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) and Patty Murray (D-Wash.) are under pressure for opposing GOP amendments that would have extended tax cuts passed in 2001 and 2003 under President George W. Bush.

Vulnerable House Democrats such as Reps. Suzanne Kosmas of Florida and Earl Pomeroy of North Dakota have also found themselves on the defensive.

Democrats have tried to deflect the issue back at Republicans by accusing them of supporting tax breaks for “millionaires and billionaires.”

HILL - After Dem leaders skip vote, Bush tax debate flares on campaign trail

Patty Murray's guts
That showed guts Patty

Why thank you


take a penny

Going Nucular

Ginny Thomas - Quote of the Day


THOMAS: I think the Democrats are pretty worried about what's coming. So, I'm not worried about what's coming. I love America. I think there's great people coming our way. And I think they look like Jim DeMint, some of them. And that's a great thing.
Ginny Thomas, wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, responding to a "combative George  Stephanopoulos."

Hating Obama in WV

Joe?  Whoa!

Democrat Joe Manchin is West Virginia's wildly popular governor who decided to go after Robert Byrd's senate seat. But, as TAS reports:

 -- the problem for him is that President Obama and the Democratic agenda is so overwhelmingly unpopular in the state, that it's dragging him down.

A new Fox poll released today shows Manchin's Republican opponent John Raese with a 48 percent to 43 percent lead --

This ad is reminiscent of those anti-Bush commercial in 2005 (although more civil in tone).  Very effective.

A question never asked, and never answered

... representing the Demoncrat Party -
During a recent Connecticut Senate debate, Republican candidate Linda McMahon asked her Democratic opponent, state attorney general Richard Blumenthal, how one creates a job. His answer:

  How in God's name can Connecticutters even consider voting for this proven liar and serial nincompoop Blumenidiot?  How can that happen?  How does any democrat get elected for that matter?  And way props to Linda McMahon for asking a question that has needed asking for 50 years!
via Newsbusters.

Biden's Replacement?

Punjab Boy in VP Sweepstakes?

Punjab Boy
In case you're not familiar with Punjab Boy (Clinton is cigar-guy).

RW Forsythe

Deus Ex Renaldo Maximus

A sign from God
WASHINGTON (AP) - The presidential seal has fallen off President Barack Obama's podium and clattered to the stage as Obama delivered a speech to Fortune magazine's "Most Powerful Women Summit" Tuesday at Carnegie Mellon Auditorium in Washington

According to the AP, when Obama heard the crowd sniggering, he thought it was response to his rapier-like teleprompted wit.  When he realized it was because his presidential  seal had, ominously in my view, fallen off, he did what comes naturally.  Blame someone.  In this case "the staffer who hung the seal on the front of the lectern so precariously."

Of course, we all  instinctively
know what really happened.  Don't we?

Obama's Lost Seal