Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ultimate Music

Well, she's the girl in the red blue jeans
She's the queen of all the teens
She's the one that I know
She's the one that loves me so
(Gene Vincent -"Be-Bop-A-Lula" )

Kathy Shinners would have gone out with me if I had had one of these.  Sigh.


You don't want to know what
they call them privately.
Deacon BluesHas anyone noticed that the MSM, including PBS, has stopped using the words soldier, sailor, marine or air force and are now just using War Fighter?
Boned Jello


I really feel for her

In Other News
Trash can fire on Main Street; Topless woman masturbating  in van arrested on gun charge; no snow predicted for Christmas.

While Vikki Myers (above) only sought a helping hand, and a moment of respite from her three kids,  DeLynn WoodsidePublic nuisance DeLynn Woodside traumatized her 13-year-old student by having him attested for carrying a Sharpie marker.  Which one is the pubic threat?  I mean public threat.