Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas v,10,4


Pop Xmas Past

A Christmas Toast to Pop


A Christmas Toast

This toast is 4 cuzzin' ricky and wife number 2 (or 3?)
Merry Christmas Ricky

cuzzin ricky and diane = 2007

Coolest guy I know.   I have 37 cuzzin' ricky stories in the hopper - for after his parole is over.

Vertical Chess

Real Men Do Everything Standing Up

Vertical Chess

sno D'Oh!

cuzzin ricky

Pretty in Pink

Christmas Scriptyore

And Herod sent his soldiers forth, commanding;  "Kill every believer older than 11 and seize their firesticks. 

Girl loads rifle to spook burglars:


Merry Asshats

Holy Lord-a-Leaping
You‘ll often hear Rachel Maddow and I lumped in together with Jon Stewart of ‘The Daily Show’ as the only truth-tellers in mainstream television.  Guess Who
My resolution not to mention certain presidents, or his under bosses, until after Christmas does not extend to plain ordinary fuktards.  Keeping with the Christmas spirit however, Keith Olbermann here represents King Herod.

Here's yur ham, boy

Here's Yur Ham!

A teacher in Spain is being investigated after he said the word “ham” during a geography lesson and apparently offended a Muslim boy in class. The boy has become so distraught he says he can’t even get out of bed. The teacher says he won let one boy dictate the learning of the other 29 students. [Real News]

After the 2004 Madrid train bombings, by an al-Qaeda-inspired terrorist cell, Spain's new government acquiesced and quit its support of the War on Muslim Terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan..  So there's that.  Still, some things rankle too much.  Like Ham Boy.  Sigh.  Like we have so many times, The Free American Resistance will support a European nation in trouble - because of their own pussiness.  Here's the plan then.

World Population
Muslim Population

Non-Muslim Population

Tomorrow, at precisely 1200 hours ZULU (7 AM Eastern),  5,430,476,873 people will open their windows and scream  EAT THIS HAMBOY!   Be there or be square.

Here's yur Ham