Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Guess what else ...

Someone's Going To Hell

I'm Calling JIHAD on Joseph Guzman

L. Rive Gauche

Jesse Jackson, Crime Boss

Jesse Jackson
Capo di tutti race-pimpi
According to the Congressional Research Service, over $200 billion more was allocated for welfare in FY 2010 alone than President Bush spent on the Iraq war during his entire presidency.  Jesse Jackson calls for radical reordering of nation's economy

Jesse Corleone Jackson Sr

Jesse Jackson, Capo di tutti race-pimpi of the Jackson crime family, has made millions with his corporation protection (extortion) racket. Peter Maas should be his biographer. If Mario Puzo won't write a novel based on his life, I will.  In the final chapter,  his tired-of-waiting son and crime heir, Jesse Corleone Jackson  Jr.,  waits for him to arrive at Sparks Steak House.  Ed Schultz is his driver in this final spatter-filled act of the war on poverty.  USA UAS USA