Friday, January 21, 2011

MSNBS Wipes Itself

Olbermann S__T Canned!

  MSNBC issued a statement that it had ended its contract with the controversial host, with no further explanation. Olbermann hosted the network's most popular show, but his combative liberal opinions often made him a target of critics.

Olbermann did not explain why he was leaving.
Olbermann Begging
Next stop?  Past Olbermann types kicked off  network jobs - for being too over-the-top  left-tard,  in a medium noted for left-tardery (Bryant Gumbel; Bill Maher) - were given a home on HBO by Time Warner.  Wait, he's a natural to replace Robert Gibbs, wot? 

Irský tanec dívky, aby mi radost

České uzeniny nás tančit s
radostí a nás taky nadržený.

České uzeniny nás tančit s radostí a nás taky nadržený.

Jezte sračky a zemřít!

Screw This

Boned Jello
Co neočekávaný luxus mít dva indické restaurace na stejném bloku v Praze.

It may not, of course, be so wonderful to be the lesser of these two, but as a resident, it's an excess I never dreamed of. Nemusí to ovšem být tak krásné, že je menší z těchto dvou, ale jako rezident, je to více než jsem nikdy nesnilo. The Pind is only one block up from Dilli Delhi, both facing a playground in Vinohrady. Pind je pouze jeden blok až z Dilli Dillí, jak čelí hřiště na Vinohradech. While Dilli Delhi is below ground, The Pind, which has recently opened in the building that formerly housed the restaurant Vermeer, is spread over two floors. Zatímco Dilli Dillí je pod zemí, je Pind, který nedávno otevřel v budově, která dříve sídlila restaurace Vermeer, rozdělena do dvou pater. The upstairs smoking section has several expansive benches, while the downstairs dining room is much more formal, but still warm, and is nonsmoking. Nahoře kuřácká část má několik expanzivní lavičky, zatímco v přízemí jídelna je mnohem více formální, ale stále teplo, a je nekuřácká.
  [Padající pro Pind]
From now on I'm only going to blog Czech restautrant reviews because I don't understand a word of it, and therefore will not get pissed off to the point of using my Death Ray 2000.  I'm not kidding. Seru na vás Američtí demokraté. Jezte sračky a zemřít!

I am not your friend son

Who's the Nazi?

We Report; You Decide
Not Like Brand X

Rep. Adolf Cohen
Rep. Steve Alois Cohen

When Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen said that Republicans were like Nazis - for continuing to call the health care law passed in 2010 as a “government takeover of health care,”  I didn't get upset.  I have myself, since 2008, often drawn parallels between Obamunism and National Socialism (Nazis). Yes, I've made mistakes.  When Obama seized General Motors, and gave a big chunk of it to the his union allies, and then installed an Obamunist management team; well that was a seizure of production, very much a Soviet Socialism (commie) tactic.   But, on other counts I believe I prevail in this argument.  But you decide whether it's the Democrats, the Republicans - or both parties that deserve comparison to Hitler and the Nazis. The nation will abide by your finding.  Just answer these questions:

Schutzstaffe  Would Hitler and Nazis  ...

Or, Would Would Hitler and his Nazis -
Use the legislative process to reverse his seizure of health care?

  • Use organized union cadre to knock dissenter's heads at public meetings

  • Seize super majority control of the legislative process via fraudulent vote count

  • Seize control of the nation's healthcare, banking, and energy system against the people's will?

  • Create alliances with the most fascist regimes in the world.

  • Adopt a code written by one of the foremost radicals of the 20th Century.

Thank You For Participating.  If Obama's Nazis rush in while you're taking this test,  use this.

Chris IN, Landon OUT

gym locker archeology

Gym Locker Memo

found in a gym locker room in California