Monday, January 24, 2011

Obama, a poseur's Poseur

Obama: Reagan saw that 'we are all patriots'
Nancy Reagan thinks she's lwavinh her car for service
Nancy Reagan thinks she's dropping the station wagon off for service as  Obama instead signs papers that commit her to the Jack Kevorkian Center for geriatric disposal.

I can't think of anything as cynical as Obama's sudden in-your-face personality change.  If this was a POW camp, he would be the guy who accepts the cigarette and extra dessert from the interrogator, and screams bloody murder while drawing maps for his captors.   I knew Reagan, and Reagan would not for an instant think of Obama & Co. as anything less than evil incarnate.  That's all I have to say about that. Others are obviously differently focused. Someone, then, am the problem, and I vote it amn't me.



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I condemn this cartoon

Bobby's Files

A dark corner of Camelot
50 years after President Kennedy asked his brother Robert  to oust Castro,
RFK’s files at the JFK Library remain in family control, largely out of view

  Stacked in a vault at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Dorchester, individually sealed and labeled, are 54 crates of records so closely guarded that even the library director is prohibited from taking a peek.
Let's guess what's in there: *
  1. Film of Bobby and JFK having a Marilyn Monroe "sexwich."
  2. JFK's missing brain, and autopsy records
  3. Evidence of his father's dealings with the underworld.
  4. Tape of Bobby's strange phone call only hours after Jack's assassination to a Cuban safe house in Washington. "One of your guys did it," he said, apparently referring to the anti-Castro Cubans living there.
  5. Evidence that his father had actually wanted to have son Edward (Ted) 'Lobotomized', but in a drunken stupor took Rosemary instead.
  6. Taped phone conversations of him setting up a contract killing of Castro with the Mafia.
  7. Keepsake photo of MM corpse just after he killed her.
  8.  ...

* I made just one of the possibilities up. None of these.

Nullification Now

John Marshall has made his decision;
let him enforce it now if he can.
What if Washington made a law and nobody paid attention? Or even more significantly, what if states specifically repudiated it and threatened to prosecute those enforcing it?

The question's no longer are rhetorical.

Scene from 'The Second Civil War'
Scene from 'The Second Civil War'

The WND article posits,"The questions no longer are rhetorical but a real option as eight states consider a blanket nullification of the Obamacare nationalization of health-care decision-making advances in their legislatures."

"Thomas Jefferson advised, 'Whensoever the general government assumes undelegated powers ... a nullification of the act is the rightful remedy,'" states the Tenth Amendment Center, which advocates a return to the constitutionally delegated powers for the federal government.

"When states pass laws to reject and nullify unconstitutional federal 'laws,' regulations and mandates – it's not rebellion ... it's duty," the organization states.

Let's suppose that we're lucky, and the states are plucky enough to move on this.  The next step would most likely be a decision by the Supreme Court on the legality of nullification.  I'm not at all sure how this court would rule, but what if it sided with Obamunists?  That's where Andrew Jackson's supposed response to John Marshall comes in.

“John Marshall has made his decision; let him enforce it now if he can.”

There is some question over whether President Andrew Jackson uttered that threat, but an awful lot of time has been spent by lawyers and constitutionalists arguing its merits.  We know that Marshall did nothing in response.  We shan't know here unless this argument is invoked re: Obamacare.  And then it hinges on whether the states hold their ground; no certain thing.  But if they do, I can't see them losing.  I can't see the Federals sending in troops.  It would be good for the nation to find out whether the concept of federalism is dead, or not. It would be good if a whole mess of constitutionally questionable laws were nullified.  Then we could vote with our feet again.

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