Friday, February 25, 2011

Changing History Willy-Nilly

Fast and Loose

U-2 Shoot Down, ver2.15

Some years ago I read an article claiming  that the U-2 was not shot down from an altitude of 70,000 feet - by a Russian SAM.  This of course was at odds with the story that Soviets used SAM technology we didn't know they possessed.  This article claimed that, most probably, his engines shut down, and he was brought down only after descending to denser air at a lower altitude. I read it and moved on.

A few days ago the Hitler Channels ran a documentary about the Cold War.  One that, out of the blue, included that very Gary Powers-U2 scenario. The Soviets had Powers tracked from the moment he entered their air space, but had no way of shooting him down from 70,000 feet.  Powers suffered a flame-out.  He descended to 60,000 feet, then 50,000, until finally getting a restart at 30,000 feet.  Bam. He was nailed by a Russian SAM.

So much for the stories that turncoats, like Lee Harvey Oswald, or John Walker, had given the Soviets information that allowed the shoot-down.  What's nagging me is how this new "history" is being released.  Willy-nilly.  No explanation for why they, the government, allowed the public to believe that the Russkies had more advanced technology than they actually did (wink-wink). Nope, just drop that turd on the bridle path, and canter off. Very untidy, that.

Abercombie Fires Birth Record Overseer

Political battle over who will become
director of the
health department.
Director controls birth records
Abercombie falsely charges that nominee is
under federal investigation; Fires him!

  "I have known Abercrombie for 50 years, back to when we were both undergraduate students at the University of Hawaii," Slom said. "Abercrombie was pro-communist and I was pro-American. ... [He's] a small man, about 5 feet 1 inch in height, with a huge ego," said Slom. "He thought he could come into office and do Obama a great favor by putting an end to Obama's birth controversy."
Hawaii stae Sen. Slom

Let me axe you something?  Which is it?   Obama has "nothing to hide", or is it "nothing to show?"   And haven't we all been waiting for this shoe to drop?
The latest development comes as well-connected sources in Hawaii are warning that certain government officials in the state have been contemplating releasing fraudulent birth records for Obama in the run-up to the 2012 election. At least 11 states are currently considering legislation that would require future presidential candidates to prove constitutional eligibility by proving they are "natural born citizens. [...]

 Classic cornered rat scenario.  Obama will have no choice but to roll the dice; betting democrat operatives can do a better job of  producing a phony birth certificate then they did with the Bush '"Guard" documents.  Democrats have no problem releasing "false, but accurate" documents, because their cause is so pure, and just. However, failure to pass muster in any such attempt means the end of the Democrat Party, and jail time for anyone involved.  Do you feel lucky, Obamunistas?  Do you?

He's up your ass

Where's Waldo?

Let 'em bake cake!

Government yard sale could
help bring down national debt

  With the government more than $14 trillion in debt  and the Government Accountability Office (GAO) warning that the longer Congress waits to raise the debt ceiling the harder it will be for the Treasury Department to keep the government operating, some have suggested Congress take a note from Sanford and Son and start selling the junk it already owns.

So what kinds of crap can we sell off?


The federal government reportedly owns more than one fourth of the land in the United States. According to the “Budget of the U.S. Government for FY2010,” at the end of FY 2008, the federal government held $767 billion in land, and $421 billion in “mineral rights.”
  • In addition to land, the Office of Budget and Management reports that Uncle Sam also owns more than $1.17 trillion in fixed reproducible capital (things like buildings and machinery) and $290 billion in inventory.
  • “The GAO also notes that the federal government has ‘many assets it does not need,’ including billions of dollars worth of excess and vacant buildings.
  •  If the government were to sell off their General Motors shares it could bring in an estimated $18 billion. Further, ATR suggests that the government make GM repay the $30 billion it got from Troubled Asset Relief Program and leave the estimated $168 billion in remaining “stimulus” dollars unspent.
Puh-leeeeze,  Don't get me started.  Okay, they already did.

 Let's begin by reversing stupid-as-hell EO, like Clinton's that took out largest deposit of clean burning coal off the market; or Obama's, that's shut down oil drilling everywhere. It will do little good to sell everything, but hamstring the entrepreneurial spirit with insane energy and enviro law.   But, let's face it.  This bankruptcy we face is only a symptom of the much larger root problem. 

The Easy-Bake Oven loses its soul

That would be government that causes stuff like this. Get rid of that government, or pound sand.

Hot Doggery

More Culture Gone Bad
Stepping into the breech here boss!
I remember when newly elected mayor Rudy Giulianni explained what would be involved in cleaning up crime in NYC.  Begin with the the small things.  Graffiti, public urination, winos sleeping on the street, etc.  Remember?  There were howls of protest from the Manhattan elite of course, but only until they noticed that, by God, New York was suddenly a nice place to live.  I woke this morning to do my share.  To make the USA a better place by exposing culture gone bad, and how to change it.  The simple things matter. Like mayonnaise (cheese?) on a fkn hot dog? You might just as well use catchup.   (Roll-Over)

Actually, y'all here already know about proper hot-doggery.  This is for you to send to people who don't.  It's a culture war out there men; lets win it for the Gipper!

Barbie Doll Desecration

Culture War Officially Lost
Sadly, there's more evidence that left-wing hippie culture has permeated at the kindergarten level. (NSFW roll-over)