Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Constitution Untwisted

Top 10 Parts Of The Constitution
Twisted or Ignored By The Left

David Horowittz is unparalleled when it comes to supplying tools - from his own first hand experience as a leftist activist- to help know the enemy in our midst.  I find myself going to Discover the Networks several times a week, just to discover what connection exists, and who really runs the various "activist groups" that plague us.  (Short answer - most often always leads back to the CPUSA, COMINTERN).  I've linked this guide below under "Defining Article," so you can refer as needed - but read it first.  If you're a teacher, teach it.  If you're a parent, assign it. USA-UAS-USA!

You're welcome.

10.) Article I, Section 2, Clause 3: Three-Fifths Compromise
Distorting the Commerce Clause…
9.) Article I, Section 8, Clause 3: Commerce Clause
Next: The Almighty Necessary and Proper Clause…
8.) Article I, Section 8, Clause 18: Necessary and Proper Clause
Next: No Amendment Procedure is necessary – after all, the Constitution is a ‘living document’…
7.) Article V: The Amendment Process
6.) Article VI, Clause 3: Oath Clause
Next: Hijacking the Constitution to destroy religion…
5.) Amendment I: Establishment Clause
Next: Everything is hate speech now...
4.) Amendment I: Freedom of Speech
Next: When the second half of an amendment is inconvenient, just ignore it…
3.) Amendment II: The Right to Bear Arms
Next: Who needs restrictions anyway?
2.) Amendment IX: Non-Enumerated Rights
1.) Amendment X: Federalism
The American Barn Army

Snoop Cam Merit Badge


Snoop Cam Merit Badge

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Wyoming's Gat Mitzvah

Wyoming Surprise

Boned Jello

I just figgered that, with the exception of pussified states like California, the old cowboy states were uniformly manly, independent, and didn't cotton to big city lawyers.  I know - were that true,  there would be zero western states with a democrat caucus of any sort.  Still, what's surprising about Wyoming's legislature passing a gun carry bill yesterday, is that they hadn't done it before.  I'm actually shocked to discover that, until the governor signs it into law, Wyoming is gun-nut controlled state, no better than Maryland.  Sheesh.  But, congratulations - cowboys, I bought you a present . Yes, I am envious.

Soros-AFSCME Alliance



Industrial-Military Complex? Plllllt. How about the Government Union -Leftist Radical threat?

sow's ear- silk purse

Motorist dials 9-1-1 over rising,
... rising - right ... gas prices.

Rising Here Boss