Saturday, April 16, 2011


Lady Chatterley

Lady Chatterley

NSFW Trailer (Boobs)

I remember a do about D.H. Lawrence's "Lady Chatterley's Lover" some years ago.  Something about being banned in Boston?  Yawn.  Didn't like the title. Later, I greeted the movie (there have been several) with the same disinterest. I knew there was sex in it, but so was there in Debbie Does Dallas, and without the pretense.  Once I landed on an English version of LCL on HBO, or Cinemax, but it flat failed capture my interest (despite my penchant for period movies). 

Anyway, I was scanning my NetFlix recommendations, and a "Lady Chatterley" came up, rated 4½ .  The 161 minute running time looked daunting, but I clicked it anyway.  I don't know that I've ever seen a distinctly British story filmed in French  before, and that caused me to remind myself that this was England, and not France, a few times.   I loved this movie. It managed to evoke in me a feeling of what living in the early 20th century English countryside was like. Insights into the British aristocracy's view of things were at times startling. 

All in all this is a sweet movie; not at all what I expected.  I think more women than men will like this version, and I agree with the 4½ rating.  But you have to be in a relaxed mood. (English subtitled).  Say, how about them Bears? 

KIWI Gun Trainer

Saturday Morning Drill

I had cuzzin ricky check out this Kiwi (Australia Jr.) sniper training software while he was over there buying mutton.  I told him to negotiate a license for Barn Army use if it was any good, and he did.  The bargain he struck (or rather they stuck him with) depleted funds earmarked to bring the B-52's lady's toilet up to code (we need a sanitary napkin dispenser and gel filled toilet seats.  I can't believe how expensive that dispenser is ).  So, while it will keep us grounded in the short term, our need to shape up shooting skills is critical.  Even though we use the M-1 Garand in lieu of the Steyer rifle, cuzzin ricky said it's of no consequence.  By the way, this post is classified, and not to be linked to.  All Barn Army members are expected to practice over the weekend (even 11 Star Vice General Kim).  Carry on.

Barn Army CIC

Obama's Brazen Head Hunters

Federal News Radio?
Silencing by Obama

  Under a White House plan, the Homeland Security Department will have far-reaching oversight over all civilian agency computer networks.

Obama Cyber Memo
The proposal would codify much of the administration's memo from July 2010 expanding DHS's cyber responsibilities for civilian networks.

The White House, however, is taking those responsibilities further, according to a source familiar with the document. The administration drafted a legislative proposal to give DHS many, if not all, of the same authorities for the .gov networks that the Defense Department has for the .mil networks.

Federal News Radio recently viewed a draft copy of the legislative proposal. [full]

I have seen the three word phrase "Federal News Radio” used just once. By me. In my own Sci-Fi novel, "Molly Fisher's New Brain," (Random House rejected, 1957)  But even I could never have anticipated the brazenness with which this Administration goes about trying to silence  its critics.    Did I say brazen?
"OBAMA: Republicans will make USA 'Third World' nation... "

Soviet trained Kenyan head-hunter is more like it.