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A time for swordmen

A job for super heroes, alas.
Columbo WTF?

May2, 2011
Last week was pretty damned exciting, wot.  The Donald either —  1) Forced Obama to produce a birth certificate; or 2) gave Obama his stage direction to unveil a very expensive piece of art. I'm letting all this to percolate for awhile, but in the meantime some very smart men gave us birthers a proper spanking.  There was John Bolton's " the notion that it’s an issue worth talking about [is] not entirely rational.”  Then, Thomas Sowell bespaked:
The birth-certificate issue does more political damage to Obama’s critics than to the president himself, because it enables the media to paint those critics as kooks.
Ouch.  Is Dr. Sowell saying that fear of being labeled by the left-media is reason to abjure?  Interesting.  I'm going to let this shake out.  If I have a fault *snort*  it's one of them is that I won't let something go if it's important to me.  You will see me then as either being this guymonkey boy, or  this guyEmile Zola .  We'll see. But for now, this is what keeps me interested —
  (pretend this a movie script outline)
  1. Obama spent in the neighborhood of  $2,800,000 (supposedly his own money, heh) fighting against having to produce the birth certificate.
  2. At least three versions of the (meaningless) Certification of Live Birth were released, each fixing obvious frauds on the previous release.  Duh.
  3. The new Democrat Governor of Hawaii, upon taking office, promised he would produce the birth certificate, only later to admit nobody could find one.
  4. A former Hawaiian Senior Elections Clerk signed an affidavit that he was told there was no Obama certificate on file in Hawaii.
  5. Chiyome Fukino (a known Obama agent, caught in numerous lies) stated that the certification of birth that Obama released is the only document the state releases.
  6. Several states were considering legislation requiring future  presidential candidate to produce a valid birth certificate before being placed on the ballot.  This would  have effectively killed Obama's reelection.
  7. The number one selling book on Amazon —  "Where's the Birth Certificate"
  8. Donald Trump used the national stage to demand that Obama release  a birth certificate.
  9. Voila!  Well sumbitch, there it is. With "document experts" waiting in the wings to explain any anomalies, of which there were plenty.
Right. If you don't feel like throwing popcorn boxes at the screen, well God bless your for your ... something. Faith in government, I guess.

Here's a pretty damned good summation of why it took so long to get even this far.


Well, first of all you gotta go out and find the paper stock from 1961 which isn't easy in a moist climate like Hawaii.

Make it a ream since you're going to have to replace a lot of certificates with numbers leading up to and away from this one. At least 100 in each direction. (Might want to slowly and carefully assassinate some of those contemporary births with natural causes -- see the How-To Manuals from the Kennedy era.)

Then you gotta find and refurbish a typewriter from the era because you don't want those Free Republic weirdos catching you out with the font issue.

Then you've got to make sure you've got some vintage ribbons from the same era. Don't want ink from the 21st century on a document from the 20th, do we now. Ribbons are a harder score so you'd best hang out on ebay until these float up or go to that government warehouse where they keep the Ark of the Covenant. Whichever is quicker.)

Then you gotta get the mother/father signatures down (nothing in a Bic Gel Ink, thank you), and make sure the "attending" is either dead or permanently bribed with himself and his family under live-in smothering threat from natural born Samoans.

All in all it takes awhile to get this done, but you have to remember the secret slogan of the Obama Administration: "Rome wasn't burned in a day."  Vanderleun

Gerard Vanderleun is prezactly right. But, all that work is only necessary if the "original" certificate is to be released for inspection.  It was not.  Instead we got a "scanned" copy printed on safety paper. All that's required then, is a registration number consistent with others born in August, 1963, and a typeface consistent with the period/   If you can find a child born on August fourth, who died the next day, say a  Virginia Sunaharaa, there's one opportunity. 

May 21, 2011

blah blah blah ....  Since I started taking notes back on May 2, not a day has gone by without some new evidence of fraud surfacing about the legitimacy of the new certificate; and nary a one is discussed anymore.  Without blue dress DNA, Obama is home free. The machinery to invoke the Soviet Union's practice of declaring dissenters insane is in place.  This job then is one for super heroes.  Men with the nads to look the Joker in the face, and flay him bare with blunt edged swords.