Sunday, May 22, 2011

Banjo Boy

8 Year Old Jonny Mizzone 

Wow! Not all kids are following Hannah Montana or Justin Bieber. I particularly liked the look around the room.


Jellied Nostradamus

QI - What did Nostradamus get right?
Well, not much it seems. However, he apparently managed to make a nice jam recipe.

I've always seen Nostradamus as the father of  the New York Times/CBS News polls



Obama's Rules For Revolution
Marc Miller

What Kilt Us

What Kilt Us

CLINTON. I thought they'd look into it. But, you know, I just think a crazy person like Larry Nichols is not enough to get a story on the television with names in it.

FLOWERS. Right. Well, he better not get on there and start naming names.

CLINTON. Well, that's what I mean. You know, if all the people who are named....deny it...That's all, I mean, I expect them to come look into it and interview you and everything, uh, but I just think that if everybody's on record denying it you've got no problem.

FLOWERS. Well, I don't think...I don't think it...I don't....Well, why would they waste their money and time coming down here unless someone showed 'em some interest? See, they weren't here tonight and they're not going to be there.

CLINTON. No, no. See, that's it. I mean, they're gonna run this Larry Nichols thing down, they're gonna try to goad people up, you know, but if everybody kinda hangs tough, they're just not going to do anything. They can't.

FLOWERS. No. They can't. [The Clinton Doctrine]


Sitting atop the list of Clinton legacies is the Clinton Doctrine. 

"If you deny it, how are they going to prove it?"

That sort of morphed into "If you lie, and keep lying — and even go on the attack,  people who want to like you will stick with you,"  Today, there is no Truth Meter.  No single arbiter to pronounce judgment.  I don't know that there ever was that person, or thing,  but I do know none seemed to be required.  That's what kilt us.  That we require a Truth-O-Meter.  But wait.  Would it matter?  Oh crap.  No it wouldn't.  Truth from God's lips would be an inconvenient truth for half of us, and rejected.

 Today, in 2011, we are without a common language,  without a  common religion, without a common moral code, and, hell, without even a common historical accounting of what happened in the past!

Is there hope? There's always hope.  As long as there's a palpable heart beat, and there is.  I think.  It's a dicey thing day-to-day. It's Liberalism what kilt us.