Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In Debbie's Foxhole

Inside Debbie Wasserman Schultz's Fox Hole
(CNSNews.com) - President Barack Obama said yesterday that you would want Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D.-Fla.) “on your side” because “she’s got a cute smile,” and you would want her “in your foxhole” because “not only is she charming” but she has a “dazzling smile,” and is “tough as nails.”

Inside Debbie Wasserman's Fox Hole

Later, before the Sarge ate his gun...
 " I did a full hour with Barbra at Bill's New York condo, it was like heroin! Not that I know what it's like, it's what I understand it's like on "20/20 .  Butter! Like butter! Her legs in those sparkling stockings - again, butter! Did I tell you  (*bang*_ ...   OMG! OMG !OMG!"

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Play Melancholy Baby Asshole

REPORT: Secret US Grand Jury Investigating CIA 'War Crimes' at Abu Ghraib

Gummint Run Amok

Maybe we can do for bubonic plague what we did for malaria!
I swear, they are trying to repeal the Industrial Revolution.
EPA Vermin

Senior Promenade

Senior Moment Rollover

It's called desensitizing

Problem solved.

From Satarii on Vimeo.

Most people don't star in their own pr0n because they're too embarrassed to ask the neighbor to shoot it.  Am I right? Problem solved.

GOP Yawner

First GOP presidential debate happened --
Next president didn't show up

Here's who showed up last night: Romney, Pawlenty, Bachmann, Cain, Santorum, Gingrich, and of course Ron Paul. CNN's John King was the moderator.  The post-debate consensus seems to be that Romney didn't do anything to harm the frontrunner status conferred upon him, and the rest of them were polite enough to cooperate with him.

Mark Steyn points out why modern presidential debates are dumb and pointless:


"The trouble is it's all 'This or That'. As Newt pointed out, most of the questions posit ridiculous choices: Are you in favor of amnesty for illegal immigrants or are you in favor of deporting 20 million people? Are you in favor of seizing private property in New Hampshire for a Hydro Qu├ębec power line or are you in favor of continued oil dependency on psychotic dictators?

The remainder fall into cutesie-pie stuff that John King lacks the personality to pull off, and the last embodied in its perfect post-modern stupidity the awfulness of these 'debates': 'What have you learned during the past two hours?' Hmm. What I learned is that John King makes Tim Pawlenty look like Lady Gaga."

Daily Caller

Password - Eat-Me

10 Most Common P/W

Most Common Passwords

And every one I'll wager used to read some on-line newspaper,  or leave a comment. Important stuff like that.

Daniel Amitay

Federally-Mandated Anything

Gummint's All Time Batting Avg .023

Federally-Mandated Medical Coding Gums Up IT Ops
More please?
  "The change over from a medical coding system in use since the 1970s to an updated version that adds more than 50,000 new
He's Having Fun
7-character codes is being compared to Y2K as an IT project that is nearly impossible to complete on time. ICD-10, which replaces ICD-9, adds far more granularity to medical diagnosis and treatment.

For example, ICD-9 has one code for a finger amputation. In contrast, ICD-10 has a code for every finger and every section of every finger. An 'unfunded mandate,' the change over to ICD-10 codes is a multi-year project for hospitals, state Medicaid organizations, and insurance providers. The effort, which affects dozens of core systems, is taxing IT operational budgets at a time when shops are already under the gun to implement electronic health records." - Slashdot

Government, where you can have 95% well meaning employees, but a 99% failure rate..

The call me Mr. Lesbo

The trouble is finding a lesbian blogger who isn’t a stand-up guy.
We’re one lesbian away from a bona fide Fleet Street “trend”. Further to yesterday’s post, a lesbian blogger who helped unmask the Syrian lesbian blogger as a middle-aged American male has herself been revealed to be a middle-aged American male: [Mark Steyn cont]

Lesbian Bloggers

Just for the record, Jonah Goldberg, Mark Krikorian, John Derbyshire and I are all 23-year old lesbians. We started this site as a joke when we were drunk one night and had no idea so many gullible people would fall for such an obvious hoax. For public appearances, we hire 57-year old male 12th-year Social Construct Studies students who’ve been short of cash since the sperm donor clinic closed down. - Mark


Obama Beer Ad


New York New York

New York New York
These vagabond shoes
Are longing to stay
And step around the heart of it
New York, New York.
The New Yok Sophisticate
I would hope that Mr. Weiner would use the opportunity to reflect on whether he can effectively proceed. I don’t see how he can, and I hope he would make that judgment. - Steny Hoyer

One can always hope and yearn for change. Those are the words Democrats live by.  Mr. Weiner can take hope himself in new polling by Marist College that suggests that neither his constituents nor New Yorkers generally think he should quit. They like his politics ... . PRUDEN: Weiner’s refuge in the Age of Therapy

And this —

The columnist Christopher Hitchins tells of a Victorian custom at Oxford, surviving still, of a stretch of beach along the Thames reserved for nude male bathing by dons and clergymen. One Sunday afternoon a group of proper ladies ignored warning signs and beached their little boat to the embarrassment of themselves and of rows of naked gents taking the sun. “Pairs of hands darted down to cover midsections. All but one, the hedonist and classicist Sir Maurice Bowra, whose palms went up to conceal his craggy visage . . . ‘I don’t know about you chaps,’ [he growled], ‘but I’m known by my face around here.’ “

How long, asks Mr. Hitchins, will this traditional view endure? In the age of Weiner, it may have already sailed past.

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