Monday, July 04, 2011

Facing Facts, and Moving On Here Boss

Can We Talk?
The GOP RINO -Keeping it Real

The GOP - America's Biggest Cave

Take a cab GOP

Republicans May Take 'Mini' Debt-Ceiling Deal...
...Caution White House On Last-Minute Budget

The GOP - America's Biggest Cave
     Admit it.  You knew this was coming.

Christe coulda been ...

Out of Control Compelling ...
There are precious few things that I find as beautifully compelling as youthful teases ...

Just as I want the tub girl to be sweet, virginal and hard core conservative (the perfect woman),  I want Chris Christie not to have backed gun control and agreed that man causes climate change. Because any person who can earn this much enmity from, well look at him;  Sweeney personifies ACORN, teacher unions, SEIU and Democrat scum — anyone that can get the best of these canker-blossoms  is presidential timber.  I don't think Sarah would procreate with him, but I bet Bachman would. The result?  The political equivalent of Jesus H. Reagan. 



Leda pranks her
hubby.  Meanwhile Zeus, now
turned silly goose,
plots revenge.

Tortured, yes, but what I thunk.

Leda Pranks her Hubby

Reggie the beach boy

Revenge is not always sweet.
But sometimes things work out in the end.

When Revenge Ain't Sweet

It's pretty obvious what's going on here.  Carmella, furious that Reggie the beach boy seems to favor another, prepares to take a dump on her rival's blanket; forgetting that unlike most days, here at beach she wears underclothing under her britches. Her revenge then was foul and quite messy.  There was however good news for Carmella.  Reggie, like many Somolians, is coprophagous and the two enjoyed a brief summer romance before he was deported.

Update. Carmella married Reggie and he wasn't deported.  He did leave her the next day however,