Friday, July 08, 2011

Obama Legacy so far

Let's Review

El Gerardo

God Is With Us

Splitting the loot

Arnold’s Shriver's wealth could be halfinated

Everything's so PC these days. Come on, you have one little baby with your housekeeper behind your wife's back, and suddenly you're a bad guy or something? Now Maria Shriver has filed for divorce and could get half. ... Under California's 50-50 community property laws, Shriver ... is eligible to receive as much as half of the movie star's estimated $400 million estate... Shriver already has a considerable share of the Kennedy family fortune, which has been kept largely secret by the family but was estimated by Forbes in 1990 to have approached $850 million. but it's as yet unclear whether he's eligible to receive any of Shriver's fortune. - Jim Treacher

A reunion of sorts

Arnold is clearly the bad guy here, but California law doesn't, as far as I know, consider nice when it comes to community property.  So why is it unclear whether he's due half of her fortune?  At least Schwarzenegger worked for his money.


Then there's this

Holder Perp Walk Watch

Perp Walk Watch
Joe Valacci turns on the mob

Don't look now, but the real action in Washington this week isn't the partisan wrangling over the debt ceiling but something -- literally -- even more incendiary: Operation Fast and Furious, which seems about to explode right in the face of Attorney General Eric Holder -- and maybe other administration officials, too.   [Full]
Kenneth Melson, has been singing like a canary to congressional investigators

Obama Occupies the Rhineland

Texas fight with EPA grows with power-plant rule
Having prevailed in the Obama-Mexico-Filthy Killer v. USA  ordeal,  Texas Governor Rick Perry's next challenge is dealing with the EPA in proper fashion. In our name.
  Texas Governor Rick Perry and two top state regulators on Thursday blasted the U.S. environmental agency for including Texas in a rule to slash sulfur dioxide emissions from power plants, warning that the last-minute action could threaten the state's electric supply.

The inherent danger of regulatory agencies is they are subject to manipulation by ideology.   The EPA was fathered by Richard Nixon, but the mother was an ecofreak bitch.  It is then particularly vulnerable to  the arbitrary creation and application of  "rules."

Texas was not included in the EPA's draft rule related to sulfur dioxide cuts because EPA modeling had shown little downwind impact from Texas power plants on other states.

On Thursday, however, the EPA said Texas would be required to meet lower SO2 limits to avoid allowing the state to increase emissions.

Obama vowed  to shut down the coal industry, so there you have it.  In doing so he satisfies the democrat's eco-freak constituency while allowing himself to seize control of America's economy, and thus our freedom, by fiat.  This then is Obama's attempt to occupy the Rhineland; and this is  Rick Perry's chance to play Neville Chamberlain, and do it the right way.

Find the girl (Clue: :ook at t'effete)

CLUE: Look at t'effete