Sunday, July 17, 2011

But Clinton paid down the debt!

But he paid down the debt
President Clinton's
Lock Box
March 06, 2000

Once again, Bill Clinton is trying to outdo Congress in protecting Social Security. Two years ago, he challenged the Congress to save 60 percent of the surplus for Social Security. In this year’s budget, Clinton is proposing a "Social Security solvency lock-box" that is intended to secure every dollar of the Social Security surplus for Social Security. While this plan may conjure up images of stacks of cash waiting in Fort Knox for the Baby Boomers to retire, the reality is that his plan leaves the vault empty when the program begins to run large cash deficits in just 14 years.

There is only one place to put the Social Security surplus - in the Personal Retirement Accounts of hard working Americans

Clinton’s lock-box plan is nothing more than a scheme to use more than $3 trillion in Social Security surpluses to buy down federal debt. In exchange, the Social Security trust fund gets another $3 trillion worth of IOUs. To be sure, most Americans would rather pay down the debt than use Social Security’s surpluses to fund pork barrel projects. But make no mistake, once that money is spent – to buy down debt or fund new programs – it will not be there to cover Social Security’s long-term liabilities.  [Full]

OMFG.  If only the nation had been warned. But wait. We were.  But by the vicious right-wing extremist machine, so it didn't count.

Democrat Law

Stop the slush!
The Post calls for a ban on ‘member items’ steered by lawmakers into the pockets of family and friends

Member items, earmarks, discretionary funds — by whatever name they’re called, they’re the hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer cash that New York lawmakers steer to ostensible community projects but that serve as slush funds for the pols, their families and friends.

And if anything is ever to be done about it, some strong new laws are needed. [Full]

Democrat Caucus Meeting Room
Democrat Caucus Meeting Room

Do I need to say it?   Stop- Me Beforew I Steal Again!

We don't need no new stinking law. Every time Democrats (if you can think of a Republican example speak up) get caught in criminal activity, and won't own up to it,  their response is to pass ameliorative  law against doing what they just did.  As if current laws against embezzlement, fraud, bribe taking and violations of fiduciary trust didn't already exist.  Sadly,  it always works.  Just last year it seemed nearly every member of the Congressional Black Caucus was caught giving federal  scholarship money to family and friends.  How many of them are in jail, or even facing it?  Zero.  Stay tuned for a law against it.

Democrat Creed

Truth #1
You would rather have the poor poorer as long as the rich were less rich.  That's the liberal policy.  Margaret Thatcher's last speech in the House of Commons on 22 November 1990.

Kevin Chang
President Democrat Club 4

White House won't comment on Obama Lie # 94

NY Times: White House declines to deny Obama lied about his mother
She was really a Jamaican crack whore married to Osama bin Laden?  Read more.
Nose on top of

Edison's Twinkle

Scientists crack the code of mysterious metal ring

For decades it lay in the bottom of a secretary's desk drawer, its purpose unknown.

But now, 123 year after it was made, the secret of this bent metal ring, which was found in Thomas Edison's laboratory, has finally been uncovered.

Scientists have found that the microscopic grooves on the ring make up the tune of 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' and mark the world's first attempt at a talking doll and the dawn of America's recording industry.

Read more:

 She'll never make it

This guy has it figgered out

Cut and Run bill?

Republican Cut, Cap and Balance bill
This time they really mean it
The legislation would cut $111 billion in fiscal year 2012, cap spending at 18 percent of gross domestic product by 2021 and would authorize a $2.4 trillion increase in the debt limit after Congress passes a balanced budget amendment. [Gah!]

That's our GOP
Did they mean “Cut and Run” bill? free polls
Republicans are going to raise the debt limit aren't they?
Yes but only for the children; and this is absolutely, positively the last time ever dammit
No, they understand the critical importance of standing firm, for both fiscal and symbolic reasons   
And look how nicely California's balanced budget law has worked out under Demorat stewardship. Or, are Boehner and McConnell cats playing with the mouse?