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What's that word? Oh, right.

-Chief Justice John Marshall Bitch-slaps an Unruly Fishwife

'The powers of the legislature are defined and limited; and that those limits may not be mistaken, or forgotten, the Constitution is written."

—Chief Justice John Marshall, writing in Marbury v. Madison (1803).

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals cites those prophetic words in its decision yesterday finding President Obama's individual health-care mandate unconstitutional, and they do seem more relevant than ever. The 2-1 opinion is another landmark in restoring the government of limited and enumerated powers that the Framers envisioned.
That is "breathtaking in its expansive scope," the court wrote. "The government's position amounts to an argument that the mere fact of an individual's existence substantially affects interstate commerce, and therefore Congress may regulate them at every point of their life. This theory affords no limiting principles in which to confine Congress's enumerated power."

In other words, if the government can impose this kind of "economic mandate"—if it can force individuals to enter contracts with private companies "from birth to death"—there are no longer limits on what it cannot do. "These types of purchasing decisions are legion," Judges Hall and Dubina write. [Full]

Rush predicted yesterday that Obama would continue to fund implemantion,  so that when it reaches the SCOTUS he can argure, "Look, we've already spent $2 trillion on it .... ."

PERRY IN - EPA OUT; There's no downside ...

Perry for President.

The climate skeptics can finally get excited about the 2012 election: Rick Perry, their candidate of choice, is about to officially throw his hat in the ring.

Perry calls global warming "all one contrived phony mess that is falling apart under its own weight." Unlike many of the other GOP presidential candidates, he hasn't expressed concern about climate change in the past, so he won't have to do any back-pedaling. [GRIST - a Beacon in the Smog]

Lisa Hymas of "Grist," the Guardian's Enviro-wacko network does warn  that
plugging your ears and going "la la la la" doesn't make global warming disappear. Perry's state is getting absolutely hammered by heat and the worst one-year drought in its recorded history.
Here's the thing about that, a thing I did not know.  Quoting Ms. Hymas.
Perry served as Al Gore's Texas campaign chair in the 1988 presidential race, just before switching his party allegiance from Democrat to Republican, but conservatives don't have to worry that Perry holds any residual affection for the former veep. "I've heard Al Gore talk about man-made global warming so much that I'm starting to think that his mouth is the leading source of all that supposedly deadly carbon dioxide," Perry said in 2007.

Jayzuz H Cripes! 
Lisa, you ignorant slut.  AGW  Anthropogenic global warming ( man-made global warming!).  Get it?  Yes Earth  is undergoing climate change and has been 24/7 for 3½ billion years.  Man does not, and can not cause significant and lasting climate change.  We are piss-ants.  You've been played like a banjo by climate change charlatans>  That they are liars, crooks and carpet baggers has been proved.  As Algore is wont to say - that debate is over.

But that's not what this is about.  Politicians who jumped on the AGW bandwagon are, must-be, stupid or cynical or both.  Perry is neither.  Point: Perry.  But screw that.  It's another negative issue. If all the global warmists in the country drank Kool-Aid today, it wouldn't help the economy,  This will
Perry also prays for a rollback of EPA regulations: "Frankly I pray for the president every day," he recently told CBN News. "I pray for his wisdom. I pray that God will open his eyes. I wish this president would turn back the health-care law that's been passed, ask that his EPA back down all these regulations that are causing businesses to hesitate to spend money."

But Perry's efforts to hog-tie the EPA haven't stopped at prayer. Last year, his administration filed suit against the EPA to block the agency from regulating greenhouse gas emissions. The suit centered on claims that the so-called "Climategate" emails undermined climate science, though the whole Climategate faux-scandal has been thoroughly debunked.

Perry has also fought the EPA in defense of his state's "flexible" air-pollution permits for oil and chemical refineries. And last month, Perry lashed out against an EPA rule that calls for reducing power-plant emissions that drift across state lines, calling it "another example of heavy-handed and misguided action from Washington, D.C., that threatens Texas jobs and families."

That boys and girls will  get us rolling again.  Without lifting all EPA and other impediments to using all our resources, we are toast.  Perry for President.

Visions of sugared palms danced throulgh their heads ....

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