Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Inciteful Black Caucus

Inciteful Observations by the Congressional Black Caucus

Congresssioanl Black Cuacus crime on Whites

Congresssioanl Black Cuacus crime on Whites

Over the past 4 days without power, I've listened to (I think) every talk radio show on the air via my Grundig FR200.  In the course of that sojourn,   I heard  numerous membersof the Congressional Black Caucus incite, and that's the only word for it, incite blacks to sttsck Tespertierd. The worst two were Indiana's Andre Carson (the 2nd Muslim in Congress) and Maxine Waters.  Now, I've been struck several times in the past by Obama's in-your-face disdain for American law and customs,  and have stated straight away that it appeared he wanted a conflagration; a civil war (Helter-Skelter).  Here's Michael Savage ...

Savage further opined that the CBC have marching orders from Obama and David Axelrod.  I agree.  The media are dying for clips of Teapartiers "attacking" the peaceful peoples of the oppressed black community.  Invoking martial law and postponing elections is a goto gambit by others of Obama's ilk.

By the By, I've had this Grundig FR200 for about 6-7 years.  As I remember,  I bought it from Radio Shack on Christmas Eve as an impulse gift for MoSup (we have  many power outages hereabouts).   I wasn't looking for one, but the clerk recommended it as an exceptional buy (around $50 as I remember).  I was full of Christmas cheer (90 proof),  and said what the hell.   I guess it was a bargain since it sells for $75 (used) to $150 today. 

 Since power went out Sunday morning,  this radio has been on almost constantly (like all night too).  It  runs on 3 AA batteries that have never been replaced.  It also has a battery storage pack that's charged by a hand crank.  Around twenty turns of the crank yields about five minutes of radio time.  Outstanding.  I'm sure there are other great emergency radios out there, but this is one I will vouch for.  It has AM, FM, and short wave. Hell, I'd make love to it if  could. I love stuff that works. 

Casca's Soundtrack

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Pre-Apology at a Pelosi Rally?

It Means Vagina

Powering up

See no Cat

Power back on at 10:01 AM.   All the meat in the freezer is still rock solid frozen; had dry ice in the fridge so that's okay.  Listened to night talk shows from dusk to dawn for 4 days and here's what I learned.  The smartest thing I ever said in my life is, " ... it's probably not a good idea to begin by asserting that virtually all elected Democrats are liars. But what the hell."   Except I'm removing the qualifier "virtually."  

I need a "Top Gear."