Thursday, September 22, 2011

McGinniss Outed as Liar

Democrat Party Pimp Outed?
I can't keep up with these Obamunist plots.

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Do not be foolish - this is not for Jihad - is for laughs Ha Ha Ha

I Wonder What This Message Says?
Maybe a promo for Target®?


Or, Maybe not.

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Coons Drive Me Crazy! .

Today's Ratbastid Coon

Michelle's Kisser

Who's The Best Kisser Michelle?

Gore-He's Hetero

Palin- Rock Star

Sarah Palin is a Rock Star!

Palin, the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee, has said she would make a decision by the end of this month. One factor driving her decision is that deadlines are approaching in states for candidates to get on the 2012 ballot. In the meanwhile ... .

Eagle had landed

E! News caught up with Levi Johnston to talk about the release of his tell-all book, when he told us that now, looking back, it seems as though his ex-fiancée's mother, Sarah Palin, had the hots for him .. would flirt with him.

"I guess I'd say, 'Yeah, I think she did.' Now looking back and remembering what everyone said. She never touched me or anything like that! Now it kind of weirds me out thinking about it," he says. Then one of my publishers said she had a cougar crush on me! ...  it seems kind of weird. "

Well, it weirds us out, too.

I hope all acne-challenged  teen-age boys fantasize that way. Hell, girls too.  I will predict that the last the world hears of Levi will look something like this. 
News item:  Levi Johnson, boyfriend of former President Sarah Palin's daughter, and father of her first child, was found dead this morning under an overpass in downtown Cleveland.  The medical examiner's preliminary cause of death was an overdose of heroin.  Acquaintances say he was also suffering from AIDS. 

Pyongyang par-tay

Ain't no party like a Pyongyang party, 'cause a

Jim Treacher

Admirable v. Deplorable Behavior

Today's Lesson
The thin line between admirable and deplorable behavior

Admirable v. Deplorable Behavior

Everytime I've seen the skating picture I've wanted to do this, and now I have,

Dirty People- Dirty Money

Soros turns up in Obama's LightSquared imbroglio
He always did have a nose for easy money

Georgie Soros Helps Prospect for Gold

  • Soros reportedly invested in the telecom company LightSquared through Harbinger Capital Partners (a hedge fund run by billionaire financier Philip Falcone, owns LightSquared)., and many of the nonprofits he finances have backed LightSquared in regulatory and policy disputes.... 

  • Air Force Gen. William Shelton, head of Space Command, testified to Congress this month that giving LightSquared the radio frequencies it is slated to get would interfere with the military's GPS needs.

  • Ahead of Shelton's testimony, White House officials nudged Shelton to go easy on LightSquared ... Another government official said the White House pushed him to downplay the GPS worries.

  • Falcone is a big political donor who has given exclusively to Democrats and independents since Obama's election. Emails have surfaced showing LightSquared executives discussing donations to Obama's campaign in policy conversations with White House officials. Finally, there's the eye-catching detail that another Obama donor, George Haywood, steered then-Sen. Obama to invest $90,000 in the company (then named SkyTerra) back in 2005 (Martha Stewart missed that particular tip).

  • Soros  generously funds a huge swath of the liberal movement, and has aligned his business interests with Obama's big-government policies. For instance, Obama green-energy official Cathy Zoi left the Energy Department earlier this year to help run a new green-energy (and thus subsidy-dependent) investment fund Soros was starting.

  • In the LightSquared affair, Soros shows up repeatedly. [Extracted from  Obama's LightSquared imbroglio]

And Nixon was threatened with impeachment because - bottom line-  there was a 18-Minute Gap'  in a White House tape.  Nobody knew what was contained in those 18 minutes, but what the hell— he was Nixon.  So there's that.