Thursday, November 03, 2011


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"Fathom the hypocrisy of a Government that will require every citizen to prove they are insured, but not everyone to prove they are a citizen!" author unknown

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Speaker Hankey gets served

You'll have to indict me to find out what's in that deal

She's not so formidable now that she doesn't  carry.

A Fine Bust

Ronald Reagan
A fine bust
Bedtime for Bonzo
It seems like everywhere we look today are statues and busts to remind us of Ronaldo Maximus.

Bedtime for Bonzo

Hot Dogs ....

That was my first thought
Yours may differ

That's What I See

Founding Step Father Ronald Reagan

Founding Step Father Ronald Reagan

Founding Father Jr,, Ronald Reagan

Former President Reagan was honored Tuesday with a statue at the Washington-area airport named in his honor.

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation unveiled a statue of the 40th president, for whom the nearest airport to the capital city's borders is named, during a ceremony at Reagan Washington National Airport.

The ceremony, which took place in front of Terminal A, was attended by former Sens. Bob and Elizabeth Dole, both Republicans, the former president's foundation said on its Twitter page.  [Hill]

Rollover pictures by Tom Mann

Truth in Advertising

Truth in Packaging
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ironelbenty ...

Where I Steal Stuff     
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Nast Corrects Reuters ....

Jon Who?

If Thomas Nast knew Jon Corzine

  1. WASHINGTON, Nov 2 (Reuters) - President Barack Obama's re-election campaign would return the donations made by embattled MF Global chief Jon Corzine if he were charged with any wrongdoing, a campaign official said on Wednesday.

  2. Corzine, who is at the center of a storm over the securities company's bankruptcy this week, has been a major fundraiser for Obama. The former Goldman Sachs chief has raised or "bundled" donations of at least $500,000 so far for Obama's 2012 re-election effort.

  3. Corzine himself has donated the maximum that an individual can give for a presidential campaign, according to campaign finance records. He held a lavish $35,800-a-head fundraising dinner for Obama at his home in April.

  4. A campaign official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Obama's campaign would return the donations from Corzine as an individual if civil or criminal charges are brought against him.

  5. "Politicians, like business people, are risk averse," said Jim Kessler, a policy analyst at the Democratic-leaning think tank Third Way. "Until people know more of what is going on they will distance themselves from Jon Corzine."


  1. (of 18 ¶ )   Corzine has also donated $15,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee this year and $25,000 to Senate Democrats in 2010, according to regulatory filings.

The point being that even Garden-staters must  wonder by this point in  Reuters' story if there's another Jon Corzine?  Just as slimy as thier former US Senator and erstwhile Governor?  That's because it's not until paragraph 13 that they will find any clues to that effect.  Just three of  20 paragraphs do.

Elected to the Senate in 2000, Corzine's status as a junior senator and his short tenure in Washington limited his impact on the political circuit.

He served on the Senate Banking Committee and was a vocal advocate for the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, which tightened U.S. accounting rules after the Enron scandal.

In 2005 he won election as New Jersey's governor and resigned from the Senate a year before the end of his term.

It's become something of a national joke how the Democrat Monkey Media avoid labeling caught canker-blossoms with the (D).  Here Reuters very nearly fails to mention the perp's key bona fides.  Ain't they precious?

Herman Cain -"Too Black"

Liberal Racism  

In the last year alone, a short list of the things liberals have labeled "racist" include:

-- Being a Republican;

-- Joining the tea party;

-- The word "the" (Donald Trump's statement that he has a "great relationship with the blacks");

-- References to Barack Obama's playing basketball (Trump again);

-- Using Obama's middle name;

-- Scott Brown's pickup truck;

-- Opposing Obamacare;

-- Opposing Obama's stimulus bill;

-- Opposing Obama's jobs bill.

The surge in conservative support for Herman Cain confuses the Democrats' story line, which is that Republicans hate Obama because he's black.

Cain is twice as black as Obama. (Possible Obama campaign slogan: "Too Black!")  [Saint Ann cont]

I particularly like Ann's "To have been accused of sexual harassment in the 1990s is like having been accused of molesting children at preschools in the 1980s or accused of being a witch in Massachusetts in the 1690s. "  Those Day Care prosecutions caused me for the first time to think I'd slipped through a crack and fallen into some Kafkaesque other-world.