Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Israelis strike again? --

Did Israel assassinate Iran's 'missile king'?
fits a pattern.

Obama's Alter-ego

Iran today buries a senior commander of its missile force, amid claims that the huge explosion that killed him and at least 16 others at a Revolutionary Guard base on Saturday was the work of Israeli agents. ...   in what appears to be a concerted Spy vs. Spy campaign – from assassinations and facility explosions, to three destructive computer viruses, by Iran's count – that have dealt setbacks to Iran's controversial nuclear and ballistic missile programs in recent years.  [Full]

It's telling that subsequent to news that a forthcoming Israeli attack were "leaked", Israel announced, rather publicly,  that she would no longer tell Obama about future plans.

A Failed Pick-up Line ....

Today's Failed Pick-up Line
from two wild and crazy guys

"Excuse me miss, but you dropped your Tampax"
Is this your tampax?

"I can put it
back if you like?"

A filthy cancer run amok ...

Our Toxic Culture
It began with Democrat "Borking"


Now it's a cancer.


Rahm knew

Hoes in the Outfield

Hey, remember when Rahm Emanuel said he couldn't remember anything about Solyndra because he's the mayor of Chicago now, so shut up?

Guess What?

Despite his claim of municipally triggered memory loss, at one point Rahm did know all about it. In fact, he's the one who wanted Obama to tout the now-bankrupt "green energy" company.

Look, that sumbitch Charlie Rangel is still in congress.  He's still not in jail.  So we all know that in order for a democrat to  pay for his crime, one of two things must exist.
  1. The democrat must annoy the party leadership (Jim Traficant)
  2. Must testify against himself (Clinton's DNA)
Else forget it.  Except let the air out their tires every chance you get.  What?  Crap. That's illegal too.  Sigh.

DC POOPER- ( w/comeuppance)

Caught On Video:
Occupy Protester Defecates In Public Street

I thought this video needed an more cathartic ending, so ... voila!  All in fun of course.

Rol over Doggy


Roll Over Doggy


Obama is a mole. Has to be. ....

‘splain to me again how this is “mere incompetence”?
They’re practically begging US. Coming to US, America’s Hat in Hand.
“Please. Why won’t you help Canada save this continent’s economy?”
Filthy Democrats

Voter ID Crap

Nast-y Nadler
photo voter identification a “deliberate plot by conservatives

Nasty Nadler

New York Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, told The Daily Caller that laws requiring voters to present photo identification are part of a “deliberate plot by conservatives and Republicans to suppress votes” that would be cast by minorities, the elderly and young people. [Full & Video]

Democrat policy is  keep the waters muddy enough  to give the generally disinterested voter reason to vote for them. But, how this practice could work with voter ID laws is mind boggling—  at first glance.  But, it's not voters who have misgivings.  Voter ID laws are routinely passed wherever they find their way onto the ballot.  So, golly whiz, why is it that states are allowing groups like ACORN to keep using the fraudulent vote to get Al Frankens elected?  Simple.  Democrat judges.

Arizona voter ID law overturned - UPI.com
Court Overturns Mississippi Voter ID Ruling
Civil rights group uses black students in Texas to overturn voterID law
ACLU, others ask feds to overturn SC voter ID law
Support The Suit To Overturn Wisconsin's Voter ID Law
Indiana Appeals Court Overturns Voter-ID Law
Justice Department Might Investigate States' Voter ID laws

These judges would vehently deny that thet are crooked.  The are instead, Liberal.