Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Helpful Hints from the Queen Dowager


Wadded newsprint
is the best thing to
clean windows and

Cheap, and won't

Politicos "Mirror Image" Asshattery ..

Some "Mirror Image"

Art Me

Ben Smith at Politico suggests this could be a huge problem for the Occupy movement.

"The mirror-image campaigns to tar the Tea Party and the "Occupy" movement are based, in no small part, on guilt by association. But nobody anywhere near the Tea Party ever took a shot at the White House. "

[The Guy Arrested For Firing A Shot At The White House May Have Spent Time At 'Occupy' Protests]

Here's Ben Smith's "Mirror Image"

Tea Party
Formed and funded by leftist groups and unions
Attend town hall meetings and ask hard, but legitimate  questions (to the horror of elected Democrats who can't answer them )
Have no idea, and  no clue, except to create mayhem, use drugs, and get laid.
Never physically attacked anyone
Physically attack anyone with whom they disagree (usually by groups like SEIU and other unions, and the general thugs these people attract)
Sing God Bless America
Chant "Fuck Sarah Palin"
Are contributors
Are takers

Water For Elephants ...

Water For Elephants


We just watched this, and loved it.   Plot in short - Rosie the dyslexic Elephant is acquired by a psycho circus owner.  Except, The elephant is just the smartest thing, but only understands Polish.  Fortunately  Jacob Jankowski – the film's protagonist, speaks the language.  By today's standard, I rate this a family friendly movie.

The DOO DAH Plantation Blues

Liberal Racism  
What Liberalism Hath Wrought

                                                                                                                    DOO DAH                                                                                                                                                                                             DOO DAH     
 They's more where     ______                                                        
this comes from blackie


Son of Stuxnet ---


Iran Admits Nuclear Sites Hit by 'Son of Stuxnet'

Islamo MOFOS

Iranian officials admitted Sunday that they had uncovered evidence of the Duqu computer virus -- labeled "Son of Stuxnet" by cyber experts -- at the Islamic Republic's nuclear sites, state-controlled IRNA news agency reported.

"We are in the initial phase of fighting the Duqu virus," Gholamreza Jalali, was quoted as saying. "The final report which says which organizations the virus has spread to and what its impacts are has not been completed yet."

Duqu is the second major weaponized virus to turn computers into lethal weapons with devastating destructive power

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$2 on the  blue horse please

The Wrong Diner ...

Gunny's Finest

     jodi sue

Dueling Judges ...

Court Order Allows Protesters to Return to Zuccotti Park

Filthy Democrats
The National Lawyers Guild said it has obtained a court order that allows Occupy Wall Street protesters to return with tents to a New York City park.
Occupy Wall Street protests
Leslie Gersing for

The injunction prevents the city from enforcing park rules, which were published after the Occupy Wall Street protest began.

Those rules would bar protestors from bringing tents, tarps and sleeping bags into the park.

But, wait
Judge Lucy Billings, who signed Occupy Wall Street order, is an ACLU veteran and kicked off the case
A different judge assigned to hear arguments on her order
But within hours, she was off the case as court administrators chose a new judge — and excluded Billings’ name from the list of candidates.

Billings’ biography notes that before she became a judge in 1997, she spent three years as a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union and also worked work community legal services.

Filthy Democrats
How did Obama miss Lucy?  She was a natural to get the ACLU seat on the SCOTUS vacated by what's her face,?  You know, the one whose husband gave Clinton's DNC a few mil to get her appointed?  Ginzy.