Thursday, November 24, 2011

Commie Head

From a sow's ear to pure silk


Isn't that better?

Happy Turkey Day

Johnny Be Good


Pumpkin Pie Horror ...

Open Thread


Pumpkin Pie Horror

Happy Thanksgiving Day! Now you can put up your Christmas tree.

Ace Hardware Coupons

More Hanukkah Value

Ace Coupon

    cuzzin ricky

Ho Ho Ho


'Crude and Offensive' Anti-Semitic, But Funny as Hell Vodka Billboard Removed in New York


Oh stop it.  I laughed my chahukas off. 

Mooned by Obamacare

Look Mom, It Flows!
A Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation Starter
Mommy - It's HUGE! I'm scared
Obamacare Flow
Kathleen Sebelius' and B. Hussein Obama's wet dream.

It's apparent the 2012 election will change nothing;  Obamacare law will never be undone.  Ever!  Unless by the courts, which interference with the legislative branch is already scandalous.  Come on Mayan calender!

  Skyhawker Doug