Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Touch screen biology ... .

Diagnose yourself by spitting on your touchscreen
Will new technology also get you pregnant— or give you a std?


Touch Screen Biology

Sure, you could collect a saliva sample and send it off to a lab for analysis, easy enough. But what if you could just spit on your screen, and then have your phone or tablet do all the lab work?

Byoung Yeon Won and Hyun Gyu Park from Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology suggest that all you need to do is press a tiny droplet of the sample against a phone’s touchscreen, and then an app would figure out whether you have food poisoning, strep throat, or the flu, for example. New Scientist reports.

I know what you're saying.  "But Rodge, will my partner be satisfied? " The answer is yes.  Yes she will.  Think about the benefits.  No theater tickets, no expensive dinners.  Hell, no shower or shaving necessary. Sure, the preggers and std thing are problematical; that's why I'm rushing into production with a touch screen condomYou're welcome.

Inspector Detector FLY maggots

Inspector Detector 
FLY Maggots


Want a bigger size
What's that?  You're not Inspector Columbo and need the answer key?

Happy Hippo ...

He's Big, He's Loud, He's In-Your-Face!

   cuzzin ricky

Hymn. Hymn .... F,,,

Obama: "I Would Put Our Legislative and Foreign Policy Accomplishments In Our First Two Years Against Any President -- With the Possible Exceptions Of.....

-- With the Possible Exceptions Of.....  Oh, I dunno, let's say .... . George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe , John Quincy Adams , Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, William Henry Harrison , John Tyler , James K. Polk , Zachary Taylor , Millard Fillmore , Franklin Pierce , James Buchanan , Abraham Lincoln ,  Andrew Johnson , Ulysses S. Grant , Rutherford B. Hayes , James A. Garfield , Chester Arthur, Grover Cleveland , Benjamin Harrison, Grover Cleveland , William McKinley , Theodore Roosevelt , William Howard Taft ,Woodrow Wilson , Warren G. Harding , Calvin Coolidge , Herbert Hoover , Franklin D. Roosevelt , Harry S Truman, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson , Richard Nixon , Gerald Ford , Ronald Reagan , George Bush , Bill Clinton , or George W. Bush

The Browns on Ice


                          The judges held their
          collective breaths, hoping the
          Browns would not take that
           next step.

               They did, It was messy.

Win fame

That Snow Kiss ,,,

Get the Spirit and Forget F'n Obama for Awhile
12 days until Christmas


That Snow Kiss