Saturday, January 07, 2012

So, Palestinian walks into a Deli

It is written—

The Israelis and the Palestinians decided to come to a peace agreement and sat down to talk. Before the negotiations began, the Israeli representative asked if he could tell a short story from the Torah. The Palestinian representative gave no objection, so the Israeli began:
"One day while the Israelites were travelling the desert for 40 years, Moses and the other Israelites decided to go for a swim in a local river. It was very hot so they all took off their clothes to go for a dip. When he got out of the river, Moses was shocked to find that his clothes had been stolen. A little boy told him that he had seen the thief. It was a Palestinian

"Wait!" The Palestinian representative interrupted, "There were no Palestinians in the time of Moses. This story is preposterous!"

"Well now," Replied the Israeli representative, "Now that we've got that problem cleared up... may we begin with the negotiations?"

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Bill and Monica Meet Again

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A Legacy Moment

Muggs McGinnis-Jim PRS


Jim at Parkway Reststop
that's Muggsy

I know what a lot of y'all look like by virtue of your Barn Army ID photos, or from websites, or The Smoking Gun.  Nevertheless, I have in my mind's-eye an image that is often inconsistent with the reality.  Today's case in point, Jim at Parkway Rest Stop.   That would be the Jersey Parkway.  He's Muggs McGuinnis in my conjure.

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Chaz' Bonor


Res Ipsa Loquitur

Barney Frank and The Ginger Kennedy

Barney and the Ginger Kennedy
The Mayan End Times Prophecy?

Barney and the Ginger Kennedy

The death in 2009 of senator Edward Kennedy was seen as a landmark [blessing], leaving no Kennedys in high political office and ending the last high-profile public link to the era of the
assassinated JFK. 

Joseph P. Kennedy III is in the final stages of preparing a Congressional run, with hopes to succeed retiring Democratic Representative Barney Frank, the Boston Globe and Rhode Island Public Radio reported, quoting family and Democratic sources. [Full Horror]

Meanwhile in an alternative universe 

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Can you find the Pileated Woodpecker in the brush?