Thursday, January 12, 2012

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Re: Sarah Palin and Glen Rice

My Act of Chivalry
Unhand that maiden!


My top favorite sports place is Testudo Times.  If you follow University of Maryland sports, the analysis and wordsmithing are unparalleled. in their goodness.  Just now however, while reading  First Look at Maryland-Georgia Tech: This Might Be More Difficult Than We Thought, chief steward Ben Broman uncharacteristically injected some politics
Nothing annoys me more than when entertainers indulge themselves in politics, which are always leftist. I'm not even sure Ben was guilty of that.  He may have  .... , well, no.  You must necessarily be in a certain political situ to find this the least bit relevant; just as my political bearing allowed me to know the facts behind that particular Joe McGinnis turd.  Let's hope this is put to rest.  A good guide to live by is "All professional democrats are liars.."

Re; Rice/Palin

Since you brought it up —

Nothing like manufacturing your own conclusions. I’m not even sure why Palin’s alleged relationship with Rice would be shocking, if true. What are we supposed to be upset about? That a then-single Sarah Palin had sex with a then-single Glen Rice? Is it the inter-racial nature of the alleged relationship that’s supposed to shock us?

Excerpted from: McGinnis Never Actually Asked Glenn Rice If He’d Had Sex With Sarah Palin

by King of France on Jan 12, 2012 9:42 AM PST 

Sarah Meets The Horny Bear ..

While walking along the shore ...

'Never!' cried the fair maid

What?  You can do better?  Posh.

People who need to be pissed on ...

U.S. Marines probe video of men urinating on Taliban corpses
Mercedem Suam, LOTIUM


Jan. 11 - Graphic undated video from YouTube shows what is believed to be U.S. Marines urinating on the bodies of dead Taliban soldiers in Afghanistan. The U.S. Marine Corps said it would investigate the video, which was posted on YouTube and other websites on January 11, 2012. Reuters has not independently verified the authenticity of this video.

So?  The standard by which I judge trivial things that todays liberal asshats turn into war crimes, e.g. the Abu Ghraib fraternity hazing, is World War II.  That's the war we won, remember?  For example, would these stories have appeared in 1944?
  • Army investigates intent of General Patton urinating into German river
  • Marines investigate circumstances behind Japanese corpses found earless on Saipan.
  • Army Air Corp denied go-ahead to bomb German munitions factory; Fear collateral damage
Hell, and be honest, how many of you would like to urinate on the living 10th Circuit Court judges who just ruled in favor of Sharia law?  Shame on you if not.  It's not the actions, but the level of response that's telling.  We are become a nation ruled by pasty-faced,  feel-good liberal  asshats with a record of muckin-up everything they touch.  Yes, I would be known as TRKOF&S The Barbarian, but alternately, Rodger the Conqueror.

Mercedem Suam, LOTIUM