Tuesday, January 17, 2012


hu·bris  (hybrs) also hy·bris (h-)n. Overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance:

mon·ster hu·bris  (mnst(hybrs)n.  Overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance having structural defects or deformities; Newsweek Magazine

        Monster Hubris
ter·mi·nal  syph·i·lit·ic  hu·bris

 (tûrm-nl)  (sf-ltk) (hybrs)n   Causing, ending in, or approaching death; fatal:  Overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance having structural defects or deformities caused by syphilitic liberal brain rot.   Vanity Fair

Should Vanity Fair Be a Spelling Vigilante?

Just as New York Times public editor Arthur S. Brisbane is concerned whether his newspaper is printing lies or the truth, we here at V.F. are looking for reader input on whether and when Vanity Fair should spell “words” correctly in the stories we publish.

One example: the word “maintenance” seems like it should only have one “a” in it. It should be “maintenence,” right? But it’s not. So is it our job as reporters and editors to spell it correctly?

Another example: who decides “Michele Bachmann” should be spelled with one “l” in “Michele” and two “n”s in “Bachmann”? I’ve never seen it spelled like that in any other circumstance, so should we print it just because that’s how she spells it? I don’t know.

Nice Holsters

Tails of the Gun

RAK can make you one just like it

Nice Holster


Perfect Gizmos and Gadgets

Hot Plate and Vibrating Window Stop

Today on Gadgets and Gizmos we celebrate the ingenuity of people who find other uses for every day applainces (Roll-Over).  It's Why We Win!


The Malcolm X Quiz

QUICK! Take The Obama X Quiz
Before you roll-over, which one is Malcolm X?


There being no small amount of conjecture about Barry Obama's roots, I was nevertheless jolted by the immediacy in which I found myself  adding 1+1  here. Put it this way.  If I was Barack Obama Sr., and my wife birthed this kid, I'd have immediately grabbed my gun and went looked for that sumbitch Malcolm Little. I'm just saying. 

SOPA and PIPA Aren’t Necessarily Dead

                  SOPA and PIPA Aren’t Necessarily Dead


Even if these specific bills may be dead, like zombies rising from the dead, they will be back because the key phrase in all of this is “as written.”

    Over the weekend, the Obama administration issued a potentially game-changing statement on the blacklist bills, saying it would oppose PIPA and SOPA as written, and drew an important line in the sand by emphasizing that it “will not support” any bill “that reduces freedom of expression, increases cybersecurity risk, or undermines the dynamic, innovative global Internet.”

    Yet, the fight is still far from over. Even though the New York Times reported that the White House statement “all but kill[s] current versions of the legislation,” the Senate is still poised to bring PIPA to the floor next week, and we can expect SOPA proponents in the House to try to revive the legislation—unless they get the message that these initiatives must stop, now. So let’s take a look at the dangerous provisions in the blacklist bills that would violate the White House’s own principles by damaging free speech, Internet security, and online innovation: [Dvorak continued]

As Alexandra said to Rasputin, "Is there no end to it?"

So, you wanna be a Muslima?

ITEM #964

The video site contains this  caveat:

Satan himself is alive and well in this religion. Obviously, not all Islamic people partake in these horrible acts of violence, but it is a prominent problem in the religion itself. Pray for these women and children and that the men doing

Fair enough.  But there are these Three Things About Islam.  And, the Muslum culture is unusually subject to the same enforcement techniques used by the drug cartels.  Comply or die.   Additionally, there are NO instances of Islam being peacefully and harmoniously  absorbed by a non Muslum culture.  None.  Ahem.

  Ron M

A Perfect Democrat Voter

TECHNO THRILLS                      

A Techno Thrill For the DNC




Sic Semper Copper Thieves

            —   As it should be, you berks
Copper Wire Thieves Electrocuted


Downtown Dallas job .. They were trying to pull a hot 13,200 volt copper
wire out of a conduit. Note the bolt cutter and the copper wire on the
ground.  [Preface gruesome pictures]

Hard times spawn hard crime.  Train robbers, then bank robbers, and now copper thieves.  Hollywood made heroes of the former two, well romantic figures anyway.  I wonder if the culture was as trilled over the demise of  Bonnie & Clyde and  John Dillenger as I am when copper thieves get fried in the act?   At any rate, it'll be pretty hard to romantically cast the parts of these two guys.  They ugly. Looks like that scene from Chritmas story.  where Flick's tongue gets stuck to the  pole. Maybe they were"triple dog dared?" 

cuzzin ricky